Cleaning Up The Garage- Organizing Paint

So my next big project is the garage. Its way past time to get this thing cleaned and organized. I said I was going to wait until after my mother went home but I just couldn’t resist getting started. I took stock of everything that was in there, taking up space, in the wrong place, or no longer needed. One thing that stuck out was a huge pile of half used paint cans. I like to redecorate so I have quite a bit of paint in there. I refinished some patio furniture so there are cans of bright pink spray … Continue reading

Frugal Designer Touches for Your Home

I am so ready to toss off winter’s doldrums and brighten up the house. The problem with new decor, however, can be the cost. From designer fabrics to new accessories, even a little brightening can make an impact on the budget. Ah ha! frugal living to the rescue. I know that you have probably heard my mantra before: paint, paint, paint! It is a relatively inexpensive way to go, especially if you can get the paint for free. And although I think it is important to mention, let’s move on to accessories. Shop the discount bins and the fabric store … Continue reading

Fun Fall Crafts for Preschoolers: Homemade Trees

On a scale from one to ten this craft is a solid three in terms of difficulty. Meaning if you have a preschooler like I do, he or she will have very little difficulty making these homemade trees. If you have a crafty toddler he or she might need a bit more help from you, and if you have a school-age child she could probably complete this project on her own. Regardless of your child’s age this project yields a wonderfully festive piece of seasonal art that is sure to be warmly embraced by a grandparent. CONSTRUCTION PAPER LEAVES In … Continue reading

Messy But Fun Fall Projects for Kids

I gave up on keeping messes to a minimum years ago. I am a mother of a young child who absolutely adores arts and crafts and there is no way I’m about to limit her creativity when her masterpieces bring her so much pleasure (and provide me with ample time to get the dishes, laundry and vacuuming done). Whether it’s paint, Play-Doh, markers, crayons or the dreaded Moon Sand I’m game as long as she is happy. (After all, when the cleaning process provides fodder for blogs how can I complain?) So the other day when my Martha Stewart clone … Continue reading

Three Painting Tips

Painting a room is an easy and affordable way to update it, change the decor and make it fresh. If you change nothing else, a coat or two of paint will be a big improvement for your home. Here are three painting tips to help you in your project. 1. If you get interrupted or have to stop painting for the day before you are finished, don’t bother washing out that paint roller. Instead, wrap the roller carefully and tightly in regular kitchen plastic wrap. Then place the wrapped roller in your freezer. Before painting once again, let the roller … Continue reading

A Colored Chalkboard Paint Wall

Here is a fun idea for a child’s room, a home school room or even a family room or kitchen. You turn create a wall, a door or a piece of furniture into a chalkboard. And unlike the traditional black chalkboard wall, you can do this with a color. Using a colored chalkboard wall is creative, fun and won’t change your color scheme. In fact, you won’t be able to tell the difference between a “normal” wall and your chalkboard wall, until you start writing on it! Kids will be delighted that they are being allowed to doodle, draw and … Continue reading

Decorating on a Penny

Want to update your room without spending a lot of money? Try these ideas that are cheap but look fabulous. 1. When in doubt, paint. Paint is a relatively inexpensive way to change out a room, update a room or brighten a room. If you do the labor yourself and get free paint, then it won’t cost you a dime. Click here to learn about free and low cost paint. 2. Throw pillows instantly add some color to a room without a huge expense. Make the pillows yourself to get a custom designer look for a frugal price. Throw pillows … Continue reading

Fix up those Finds

I stopped in dollar store to pick up some stocking stuffers when my husband and I were out Christmas shopping. It’s a chain store, so I’ll have to go to one closer to home to see if they have the same or similar items. I found nice pieces for ceramic bath set there. I had promised myself not to buy anything that wasn’t Christmas gift related or a necessity, so I didn’t buy them at the time, but I rather wish that I had. They weren’t the color I wanted but they were large, heavy ceramic pieces. I had seen … Continue reading

Free Hazardous Waste

How can free hazardous waste be frugal? And why would anyone even want any? Read on to find out how you can profit from hazardous waste. No, this isn’t a joke. You may or may not know that many counties and towns have programs and collection sites for hazardous household materials. Some areas allow you to drop off your hazardous household materials once or twice a year. Other collection sites are always open. These are materials that need to be disposed of by their owners, but the items are not appropriate to be thrown into a landfill. These materials include … Continue reading

Quick, Temporary Fixes

Maybe you haven’t been able to do some of the things you had hoped to do before the holiday season. Here are some temporary, alternative options: Don’t have time to paint? Wash your walls instead. You might find that you don’t really need to paint right now after all. Instead of getting new carpet or installing a different type of flooring, consider an area rug for a temporary fix. To save even more time and money, go to Target or another store that carries basic home furnishings, and look for an area carpet. You can often find good quality carpet … Continue reading