Weird Things You Can Freeze

                            I grew up with a grandma who have a very impressive pantry. Her canning collection was enormous, although sometimes digging into it felt like an archaeological investigation. Her freezer stash was equally impressive. Little containers labelled with dates and contents: would that I were so organized. But what was most impressive was the weird things she liked to freeze. Her freezer wasn’t just full of berries – it was also full of all sorts of oddball items that would make you raise your eyebrows. In the … Continue reading

Designing Your Pantry

Yesterday we talked a little bit about why having a pantry is a good idea. But where can you put it? Pantries bring to mind big rooms full of food. Although a walk in pantry is a lovely idea, it’s not always practical. How can you make room for a pantry? 1. Declutter to create room for a pantry. Are there dish sets you’re not using, or big pots and pans that you last used a few years ago? Sell them on Craigslist, and use the money to buy some starter goodies for your new and spacious pantry! 2. Designate an … Continue reading

Ten Staples for Your Pantry

With the snow still falling in parts of the country as a blizzard sweeps across the Midwest, having a well-stocked pantry is something to think about more seriously. After all, when the weather is frightful, the last thing you want to do is go out into the storm for groceries – or go hungry. Having a well-stocked pantry is important for other reasons as well. Four years ago, I got very sick. The weather was also awful, and I couldn’t get my sick self through the storms. I had to rely on what I had prepared in the cupboards, and it … Continue reading

Organize the Pantry for Savings

I try to do a couple of money-saving projects each week around the house. Today, my project is to clean out and organize the pantry. Having a well-organized pantry reduces the amount of food waste, plus it sets me up to take advantage of any good sales and coupons, so I know what I should stock and how much of it to stock. Our store just had an amazing deal on pasta, which is why you can see so much of it on the bottom shelf. Yes, this is an actual photo of one of my two pantries, after it has … Continue reading

Things in Your Pantry that Cost You Money

Did you know that there might be things in your pantry that will cost you money? I’m not kidding. Put your pantry on a frugal diet by eliminating certain things that could be making you spend more. Take a few minutes out of your day to look over your pantry. If you spot the following items, get rid of them quickly, before they cost you more money. Items that require expensive purchases Get rid of food that needs other expensive items or ingredients. Can everything in your pantry be turned into a meal with inexpensive ingredients? Or do they need … Continue reading

Getting Creative with Almost-Expired Food

Using what you have in your pantry is important when food prices have risen so much. Creating meals from your pantry can reduce your weekly food budget or allow you to skip a shopping trip or two. It also prevents food waste. Sometimes you are faced with just a few strange items to use up before they expire or go bad. This is where you have to get creative. I’ll offer you some tips, as well as links to a couple of recipes that will help you create real meals from a collection of end-date food. This post is part … Continue reading

Five Reasons to Stockpile Food

Among frugal living people, there is sometimes the debate about stockpiling food. Critics of stockpiling food point out that the money used on stockpiled food could be put in a bank to earn interest instead of invested in food that might go stale or bad. They may say that with a general income that keeps pace with inflation, there is no sense in stockpiling. Or they say that the stockpile takes up too much room in the home, costing you livable space. All those reasons may be valid, but I still have to say that I am pro stockpiling. Recent … Continue reading

Stamp Out Hunger and Clean Your Pantry

Do you want to help others and clean out your pantry at the same time? Well tomorrow, May 10th is the perfect opportunity to do both. That is because the National Association of Letter Carriers is having its annual Stamp Out Hunger event. (Image from the National Association of Letter Carriers.) I found out about this event yesterday, when my oldest child brought home a flyer from school. In the flyer were all of the details of the event. Basically, you gather a bag full of non perishable food and place it by your mailbox (or on a front porch). … Continue reading

Three Ways an Organized Pantry Saves Money

One of the great pitfalls of frugal grocery shopping and stockpiling can be an unorganized pantry. Unfortunately, a pantry that suffers from disorganization can wind up costing your money instead of saving it. Here are three ways why it pays to take the time to organize your food. The biggest cost to your food budget can be food that expires or goes stale before you can use it. When this is the case, it doesn’t matter that you only spent 50 cents on a jar of pasta sauce if you never use it. One recent study suggests that Americans throw … Continue reading

Containers in the Pantry

It is no secret that I usually keep a well-stocked food pantry. In fact, I have more than one. Having a stocked pantry makes it easy for me to plan meals and to fix meals economically, stocking up on groceries when the deals are good. We’ve written a few different pantry articles here on (I’ll give you the links to them at the end of this article), but I have some more tips to share, namely, using containers and reducing dead space. Using Containers Just because something arrived to your home in a certain package, doesn’t mean that it … Continue reading