The Paper Jungle 1

Allow me to tell you about the paper jungle. It is a dangerous place. It exists in the immediate area of my office and I can’t possibly tell you how any of it really got there. I do know one thing though: it is messy. I’ve had to take out my big knife and cut some of it down to size though because I need to identify certain items of re-reading during my summer of words. I’d like to remind you of two things going forward: systems and technology. I’ve written about the importance of syllabi in the past and … Continue reading

Hemp Facts

Last week, I blogged about industrial hemp and how it was legal to import, but illegal for American farmers to grow because it is in the cannabis family, which also includes marijuana. I thought I’d list a few facts about hemp that I discovered at the Hemp Industries Association web page: – It is believed that the oldest hemp fabric found dates back to 8,000 BC. Two of our former presidents, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson actually grew hemp. – It hasn’t always been illegal to grow hemp in the U.S. In fact, during World War II, the government subsidized … Continue reading

10 Ways to Go Green at the Office

10. Pull the plug One study showed that low power mode (what your computer goes into when it is turned off) accounts for approximately 10% of all the electricity used in California. To make sure you are completely cutting the power off, unplug items such as computers, monitors televisions, DVD players, and microwave ovens. 9. Try telecommuting Of course, everyone is not lucky enough to have a job that allows telecommuting, but maybe instead of working five 8 hour days, you could work four ten hour days to save on energy. 8. Digitize whenever possible Of course, we all love … Continue reading

Make Your Own Paper from Old Newspaper

I saw on a kids show once how to make your own paper from old newspapers and I just thought it was the coolest thing to do. It may not be as easy as going to the store to buy paper, but you will save trees and have the satisfaction of knowing that you made your own paper – how cool is that? You will need a food processor or blender (you may want to use one you don’t plan to put food in anymore), an electric iron, a wire hanger, a pair of old pantyhose, white glue, water, a … Continue reading

What is Hybrid Scrapbooking?

If you are active in the scrapbooking community at all, you might have seen reference to a new term dubbed hybrid scrapbooking. But what in the world does it mean? Is scrapbooking going green or is it referencing some scrapbooking vehicle for us hobby lovers? Nope. It’s a whole new take on the world of scrapbooking and it has taken off like a storm. First let’s look at what the word hybrid means. Hybrid is a something of mixed origin or composition. It essentially means two things that have been combined to be one thing. So knowing that, how does … Continue reading

Paper Storage and Organization Tips

Paper is what most scrapbookers have the most of in their stash. There are two different types that need to be stored and organized – patterned paper and cardstock. In between those are the specialty papers like mulberry, velvet, vellum and others. So how does one go about organizing and storing their paper? There are two methods of storage; vertical and horizontal. There isn’t one way that works better than the next, it is a personal choice and a space issue. If you have nowhere to store your paper, than you are a bit flexible in how you achieve the … Continue reading

Scrapbooking in a New Way

Have you ever wondered why some scrapbookers scrapbook their photographs chronologically? Or maybe you wonder why some scrapbookers only use one photograph on a 12 x 12 layout. We all wonder why people that do things differently than us, do them that way to begin with. There is not an answer I can give you. I don’t know why some people love twelve pictures on a layout and some only like one. I also don’t know why some people scrapbook in order, as the events occurred, and why others scrapbook themes, or anytime they feel like it. Have you ever … Continue reading

The Paper Conspiracy

Being frugal, we tend to save a lot of things that other might think are a waste of time. And, you know, sometimes they are right. This past weekend, I went down into the basement to do a little organizing. We still have boxes on shelves from our move as well as tons of kids craft supplies and workbooks that need some better organization. One thing I realized is that we are just overflowing with paper, card stock and cardboard. How did this happen? We get a ton of paper from my son’s school. Most of the time, the paper … Continue reading

Using Paper Flowers on Your Scrapbook Layouts

Flowers have exploded around us, not just outside in the beautiful Spring weather, but also on our scrapbooking layouts, cards and other craft projects. Flowers seem to have no limits, in that they are also being used on masculine pages, which I also really enjoy seeing. Are you having trouble seeing how to use these wonderful items on your pages? Let me show you how. First you need to choose the size of the paper flower that you would like for any particular layout. You will also need to decide whether you want to add a little more dimension by … Continue reading

An Abundance of Flowers

Look around you in the scrapbooking idea books, galleries and magazines and you are sure to find dozens of pages laden with flowers of every type and every size. It seems that flowers have become an important and popular scrapbooking embellishment. The best part is that there are dozens of types of flowers, and plenty of materials that they are constructed from. From the every popular paper flowers, to silk flowers, to chipboard and card stock. Even acrylic and metal flowers are available everywhere. Even eyelets and brads come in flower shapes now. I walked into a large chain scrapbook … Continue reading