How to Make Your Own Scarecrow

Thank goodness for scarecrows and pumpkins. As I mentioned in a previous blog they are some of the only seasonal decorations my young daughter can stand to be around without having a full-blown meltdown. Given that she is petrified of gory Halloween décor our home has turned into a haven for happy homemade scarecrows and our porch is a virtual pumpkin patch. If you are looking to add tame seasonal décor to your home (either because your own children are deathly afraid of fake bloody limbs and screeching plastic bats or you simply want to make your house a welcome … Continue reading

Paper Bag Albums part three

Would you like to make your own? It’s easy and it’s fun. Just choose your topic, plan out what you want to say and then follow these easy steps: Collect five paper lunch bags of the same size and color. These will make the base blank pages of your album. Arrange the bags in a stack. You need to alternate the open and closed ends. This helps keep the book even on both sides. Next, fold the bags in half and crease. Use a bone folder to really crease the center. Bind the bags about a quarter inch from the … Continue reading

Paper Bag Albums part two

For my own paper bag album, I chose the theme 10 Things I Adore About You Each thing has its own page and contains an explanation of why I adore him because of that thing. 10 Things I Adore About You 1. Spending Time With You (on the side page is an explanation: Whether it’s ice cream with your girls, or a movie we aren’t actually watching – spending time with you is absolutely the best) 2. You’re An Awesome Dad – Raising three girls alone is tough and you do it with ease and the most love I’ve ever … Continue reading