Parenting Myths Debunked

Can you spot a parenting myth? Your parents may have handed down parenting advice that seemed appropriate when you were young – but is now out of date. Some parenting myths can be harmful to children. “Boys Will be Boys” According to, the phrase “boys will be boys” was first recorded in English in 1589. It was originally a Latin proverb that would have roughly translated as “Children (boys) are children (boys) and do childish things.” It is true that children – whatever their gender – do childish things. Parents should expect that type of behavior from their kids. … Continue reading

Parenting Myths for Parents of Defiant Children

“Sometimes the way we analyze a problem keeps us entrenched in it.” These few powerful words are the beginning of chapter seven of the book, Try and Make Me!. It’s a great chapter (and a great book) that deals with parenting myths as they relate to the defiant child. The authors point out that if we accept these myths as reality, we then will stall any attempts to help teach our defiant child appropriate behavior. Parents have to be aware of the myths and the realities and then set aside these myths, only then can we make any progress with … Continue reading