Encouraging the Reluctant Scout

Sometimes boys don’t automatically see the benefits in attending Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts. They don’t understand that the things they are taught can be fun, or that they’ll make new friends, or that they’ll be able to use these new skills on their own to make their projects/hobbies even better. They just perceive Scouts as something they “have” to do, or that their parents are “forcing” them to do. If you are a leader, here are some things you can do to encourage the scouts in your den: 1. Find out what their areas of interest are. The scouting … Continue reading

Encourage Participation

It is one thing to garner feedback from our customers and clients and encourage them to tell us what they think of our business operations. It is quite another to get our customers and clients involved with our businesses on a participation level. The more engaged individuals are, however, the more likely they are to be good, loyal customers and help us build our business where we want to take them. What does it mean to encourage participation? It is going to depend on the exact sort of business that you are operating as to what sort of participation can … Continue reading

The Don’ts of Swap Participation

We have been talking about swap participation and the rules, guidelines and etiquette that goes with it. Specifically I am speaking about scrapbooking swaps, but these guidelines could be used with most any type of swap. Here are some don’ts of swap participation. Don’t: DON’T: Lose the guidelines or do your own thing unless that is part of the swap. Be sure and follow the instructions closely so that everyone is happy with the outcome of the swap. DON’T: Forget the due date. You don’t want to be the one holding up the swap, or feel like you’re going to … Continue reading

The Do’s of Swap Participation

Swaps are so much fun to be a part of. They let you be creative, have fun, make new friends and get really neat things back. However, there are definitely some rules when participating in swaps. It is simply called Swap Etiquette and almost any swap you participate in, is going to be the same as far as etiquette goes. Here are some do’s of participating in swaps. Do: Read all of the rules or guidelines for that swap. Pay attention to all details and be sure and follow what the swap hostess has asked. Save the original swap guidelines … Continue reading

How to Learn More About Your Spouse

Even though Wayne and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary last month, have been together over 20 years total, and know each other about as well as we can, we don’t know everything. Surprisingly, we’re still learning new things about each other. For Example… Take this past weekend. Last week in “The Things He Does For Love: Ghost Hunting Classes” I wrote how Wayne agreed to attend a ghost hunting class with me. It was something I wanted to do, but something that would take up our together time during a weekend Wayne was home. Ghosts fascinate me. (Or, I … Continue reading

I Probably Let My Kids Have More Say and Influence

As a single parent, I have to admit that my kids probably get more of a say and influence over what goes on in our home than they would if there was another adult in the house. It’s hard for me to know what I would be like as a parent of teens if I was sharing the responsibility with another adult in the same house. Since there are three kids and just one me, it would be egotistical and downright untrue for me to say that I don’t get outnumbered and find myself trying to balance mom-as-authority with kids-as-people… … Continue reading