Patterns of Prayer

My reservations regarding the 5 finger prayer pattern are it doesn’t incorporate two aspects that I consider essential. They are praise and confession. So I’d like to suggest another pattern for prayer – an ACTION prayer. This is: Adoration Confession Thanksgiving Intercession Outpouring Needs Adoration The first, and what to me should always be our starting point, is praise or adoration of God. We should praise God for who He is and for His unique qualities. Take time to really dwell on the fact that you are in the presence of Almighty God. Adore Him. We have only to think … Continue reading

Behavior Patterns

While sometimes our children surprise us with off-the-wall behaviors, their behavior is often part of a pattern. By looking for and figuring out what sort of behavior patterns might be going on, it can be helpful in our being able to solve problems and address problem behaviors. I have found that looking for patterns as a parent can help me in several ways—first, it helps me to determine whether something is becoming a problem or not. An isolated temper tantrum or some other unsavory behavior might be due to one of my children being overly-tired, temporarily stressed or coming down … Continue reading

June 6, 06 – Just Another Day?

June 6, 2006 is quickly approaching and many people are freaking out about it. There are prophets who believe this day is ominous. After all, it will be 06/06/06 and “666” is the mark of the antichrist. People have always been curious about numbers and what affect they might have on our lives. How many of us dread it when we see a Friday the 13th coming up on the calendar? Some hospitals and hotels do not have 13th floors but instead skip from the 12th to the 14th. Now in my mind, that still technically makes the “14th” floor … Continue reading

New Scrapbook Products from SEI

SEI has been a long-time favorite scrapbook line of mine because of their clean lines and great coordinated papers. In the past couple of years, they have expanded their paper line to include many new, bold, innovative papers and embellishments that are really fun to work with. I’d like to share a few of the latest additions to their product line. Winnie’s Walls is a new line that SEI introduced in January at the CHA Trade Show in Las Vegas. It offers twelve different patterned papers, all double sided, in beautiful sherbet shades of orange, green and pink. Single sheets … Continue reading

Blending Prints and Patterns

When you look at designer rooms featured on television or in home magazines, do you wonder how they make all those different prints and patterns work so well together? You can do the same thing by keeping a few simple tips in mind. Choose Prints and Patterns with Similar Color Tones Fabrics should include the most dominant color in the room. They do not have to use the same color as their main one, but they should at least draw from that color family. Blending shades and tones of similar colors will help make different patterns work together instead of … Continue reading