Peer Pressure and Debt

Whew, is it getting hot in here? For some reason, the past two days was a huge day for financial peer pressure. It just seemed like everywhere I went, there was some example about how our family isn’t/wouldn’t/won’t fit in because of some of the financial choices that we are making. Our biggest long-term goal is to completely get out of debt, including our house and to start to build wealth so we can give generously. At the moment, we are far from this goal, but making progress. We have no debt, other than our house, although that debt is … Continue reading

Teen Challenges: Peer Pressure

Lying, attitudes, bad choices.  All of these challenges that most parents have to deal with at one time or another when raising teenagers.  But there is another challenge that can sometimes make you feel as if you are climbing Mount Everest.  It is the impossible feat of dealing with peer pressure. For many teens, peer pressure is the most difficult thing to resist.  They want to be liked, they want to fit in. I don’t know how I have managed to mostly overcome this issue.  But my two oldest children have never really struggled with this. They are both who … Continue reading

Keeping Kids Safe Online

When you are a single parent your child may spend more time unsupervised than you would like, it’s important to teach them basic safety. One of the big areas that you need to be concerned with is the internet. While there are many good things online, education things, there are other things that can be harmful if your child ventures in unsupervised. Everyone has heard stories of online predators and bullies, so how do we protect our kids? I think the most important thing you can do it talk with your children. Before they go online the first time it … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Cards: The Truth Hurts

“You love your computer more than me!” Yup, Hallmark’s got nothing on my kindergartner. When it comes to Mother’s Day greeting cards that hit you right where it hurts, nothing cuts deeper than a piece of blue construction paper featuring the words: “Mommy, you lov yor comptr mor ten me” written in colorful Blendy Pens. As a work at home mom, who makes a living writing and editing, I am forced to spend an inordinate amount of time at my computer. However, the majority of my work is done between the hours of 2 and 7 a.m. (when my daughter … Continue reading

How to Push

My mother-in-law has a really impressive skill. She can whistle so loud, it can be heard above a cheering crowd at a wrestling tournament. (Just ask my husband; he was a wrestler.) But if you ask her how to do it, she can’t tell you. She knows how to do it because she figured it out by chance. As a kid, she just kept trying until it worked. Pushing a baby out during delivery is similar. You don’t really know how to push when you’re a first time mom, and you don’t know whether you’re doing it right until the … Continue reading

Teenagers Aren’t the Only Ones Who Feel Pressure

Peer pressure is not something that just teenagers deal with. I think parents of teenagers can also feel pressure. Our pressure is a bit different but the way it feels is probably very similar. The pressure parents of teenagers have is related to the balance between parenting the way the world dictates and parenting the way we think is best. I have learned over the years of being a parent that not every decision I make will be appreciated. I’m not even talking about my children accepting my decisions. I am referring to decisions that I make as a parent … Continue reading

Exploring the Computer With Your Preschooler

Now, if your preschooler is like mine, she probably knows her way around a computer. After all, my daughter has seen me type away at mine since she was born. Perhaps her first memories are of nursing on my lap as I type, who knows? We limit screen time in our house, and that includes computer time. However, aside from learning the valuable skills of pointing and clicking, computer time can be educational. Here are some ways that you and your preschooler can explore the world of the internet. We love Starfall. It has levels like the ABCs for the … Continue reading

The Final Stage of Labor

A few minutes after my baby boy entered the world, I felt another contraction coming on, weaker than the rest. It felt like a dry heave and like it was second nature, I gave a quick push. The placenta came flying out like a vaginal sneeze. I hope you weren’t just eating dinner while you read that last line. Don’t worry, I had the same reaction. The doctor held it up and I exclaimed, “Ugh, that’s attractive!” To this day, I still don’t know why I said that. My husband still makes fun of me for it because he claims … Continue reading

’tis Himself

I was recently telling my mother about how much my son looks like himself each day. At first this is strange but hear me out. When my son was born he looked like a baby and he’s been looking like a baby for most of the time I’ve known him. He’s cute like a baby and my wife and I (and our families) attempt to discover features that look like us. He has my wife’s eyes, my hairline, an unconfirmed nose (perhaps a great uncle?) and someone else’s cheekbones. While it is great to see where his genetic inheritance may … Continue reading

Unexpected Health Advice From My New Laptop

My computer went to that great big electronics store in the sky last week, so I ended up buying a new laptop. It’s sleek and shiny and actually the first new computer I’ve owned in a long time. (My last two were hand-me-downs, and served long and well.) Like most electronics, the new laptop came with a manual. Several manuals, in fact. The regular operations one, the quick start guide, a shopping-for-accessories booklet, and something called the “Instruction Manual for Safety and Comfort”. With a title like that, I couldn’t resist taking a peek. Much of it is devoted to … Continue reading