Great Finds For Scrapbookers

Besides journaling, my other favorite topic is organizing. But not just with my scrapbooking. I tend to love organizing all around me, in every aspect of my life. Now, I can be a clutter bug just like everyone else, but if I have the proper tools to stay organized I am happy to live that way. It’s a much cleaner way to live and your thoughts and creativity flow so much better when you are surrounded by an organized world. Lately I have been researching some great tools that scrapbookers use in their scrapbook rooms or areas to make organization … Continue reading

Using Wall Space Instead of Floor Space

A unique way to store items that take up a lot of space is to hang them on the wall. You have probably seen bicycles and other sporting gear hung on the wall, and you have seen implements like pot racks that conveniently keep pots and pans within reach while freeing up cabinet and counter space. Another option is to install pegboard against one wall in the kitchen. Small clasps are available that easily slip into the holes and can be used to hang everything from cooking utensils to kitchen towels. This method is often used in garages, workshops, and … Continue reading