Marker and Pen Storage and Organization

Markers, pens, colored pencils, gel pens and all types of writing materials are used in scrapbooking. They are sometimes used for journaling, doodling, drawing, coloring or other techniques. So when you are faced with so many different writing tools, how and where do you store them? A small piece of advice: Always store your markers and pens horizontally and not vertically. When a marker or pen is stored vertically it causes all the ink to collect at one end of the pen. Storing them horizontally is always a better option as it keeps the ink more evenly distributed. Here are … Continue reading

Pencil Holder for Father’s Day

If your dad is always looking for a pen, now you can help him out. Make him a neat pen and pencil holder for Father’s Day. It’s not hard to make and you will have fun doing it. Make it special by adding things Dad will appreciate. Start with a an empty can or a large plastic cup. If you are using a can, an adult will need to help you make sure there are no rough spots around the opening. If you’re using a plastic cup, press a little bit of clay into the bottom to give it some … Continue reading