A Pen for the Teacher

Every year I buy oodles of school supplies.  A quirk about homeschool moms is that we love to buy school supplies.  In fact, we can get downright giddy for the right ones.  My shelves are filled with paper, binders, scissors, markers, crayons, pencils, pens, folders, and all the trimmings.  Even if my supply is full I still take advantage of school supply sales.  You can never have too many pencils or too much paper, right? While most of my school supplies consist of items for the kids, every now and again I like to keep up on teacher supplies.  I … Continue reading

Practical Pen Budget Storage Ideas and Tips

There are dozens of pen or marker types, styles, brands and tips for scrapbookers. With all the different sizes and shapes and then the rules, it is difficult to figure out a good storage method for your writing utensils. Here are several different tips to help. First, the rules. If it is a basic writing pen or a pen designed to do journaling, these pens are usually single tipped (meaning they only write one way) and they can be stored any way you want – vertical, horizontal or upside down. Though I recommend upside down vertically to keep the ink … Continue reading

Christmas Shopping with Baby

Are you heading out this weekend or next to get some Christmas shopping done? Most of us have gone shopping with the baby in toe and we know it comes with its own special set of needs and responsibilities. So let us dive in on the discussion to make Christmas shopping with your baby successful for both of you and to reduce the amount of stress either one of you might undergo. When it comes to Christmas shopping here are some tips to making it go easier on both of you: Choose your own time Take your own pen Don’t … Continue reading

Finding a Scrapbooking Pen For You

Recently I was asked by a scrapbooker, what is the best pen to journal on your layouts? She was interested in what size worked best and what type of pen I recommended. When choosing a scrapbook pen, many factors must be considered. The first consideration is always that the pen be acid-free. Most pens that are sold at regular stores are not acid-free. Specialty scrapbook pens can be purchased at all scrapbook stores and most craft stores. They will say acid-free on them. Another consideration is what type of penning you will be doing with it. Are you using it … Continue reading