My Personal Scrap Space – Analyzing the Problem

It was agonizing deciding whether or not to share pictures with you of my messy scrapbook area in the awful state it is. Or just waiting to show you pictures of once it was picked up and a clean scrapbook area again. When you work in your scrapbook area or studio every single day and you are involved in lots of projects, it becomes harder and harder to get things put away. Unless of course you follow the advice I have been providing all along and you don’t do what I actually did. Let’s take a look again at the … Continue reading

Finding Silence and Quiet Time

It does not take much—just 10 or 15 minutes of silence or quiet time each day can make a huge difference in the harried life of the average single parent. Of course, I am talking about silence and quiet time we are actually awake, while sleep is great, we need some waking down time to collect our thoughts, pray, meditate, or whatever too. Finding and carving out that valuable time is the problem… The reality of a single parent’s life is that it is fully packed with chores, duties, and tasks. For many of us, from the moment our feet … Continue reading

Why You Should Get a Hobby

In general couples get along best when they have things in common. Couples usually enjoy the same types of activities or share the same interests. However, it is not mandatory that you and your spouse do all things together. In a relationship, it is nice to be a couple yet still maintain some individuality. It is healthy for both persons to enjoy being themselves and enjoy time for themselves. A good way to express your own self is through a hobby. Having individual hobbies work best if both mates have one. I have seen some couples in which only one … Continue reading

Tips for Finding More Alone Time

I often hear from and read about couples that simply cannot find alone time for themselves individually, as a couple, or both. With the demands of family, home, work, and outside activities, they are simply exhausted at the end of the day. Here are some tips for making a little self-time or couple-time: Soccer Mom Syndrome Moms and Dads who feel like they spend every spare moment in the car running the kids to and fro, often feel like they have not time for themselves or each other. I’ve been there, done that, and I should have at least one … Continue reading

Marriage Tips: Bedroom Makeover

You may be wondering what a bedroom makeover can have to do with bringing you and your spouse closer together in your relationship, but there’s a great deal to be said for working together on the one space in your home that represents the intimacy of your relationship. The bedroom is the heart of that, not just the sexual intimacy, but the quiet intimacies, the private moments, the snuggling, the comforting and the art of just being together. The bedroom is where you and your spouse can just be yourselves. You do not entertain there, your children come in to … Continue reading

Activities That Teach – #7 The Case for Personal Space

The basic concept of “personal space” is an important social rule. It’s a simple idea–each of us has an invisible bubble around us where we feel safe, and if someone crosses into it we become uncomfortable. Most children instinctively sense when they enter someone else’s personal space and when theirs is crossed, but the special-needs child may need help learning these boundaries. She might forcefully invade her peer’s space, oblivious to how it makes him feel. And this could cause her to be rejected by peers and have difficulty making friends. Or your child’s inability to recognize when his own … Continue reading