The Busy Life of the Preschooler

Preschoolers are wonderful…think about it. They still think parents knows everything and they think we are perfect (though Grandpa is better). They still like to give kisses and the sweetest hugs for no reason (well, sometimes they do it for the cookie), and best of all they still want to cuddle. This morning, my Deanna, woke in the most loving mood; as she stumbled in the kitchen with her Dora the Explorer jammies turned sideways from the long night of sleep. She was funny to watch as she had tusseled hair–we call “bed head”–and three stuffed bunnies. She gave me … Continue reading

Using the ASPCA’s Personality Matcher to Adopt a Pet

The other day I was cruising around the ASPCA’s website looking for information about pet adoption when I stumbled across their Meet Your Match (MYM) Canine-ality, Puppy-ality, and Feline-ality assessment tool. “What the heck is that?” you might be asking. (I did when I first read about it.) It’s a great question. (And I’m not just saying that because I asked it too.) The Meet Your Match Program It might be the face, the eyes, or even the shiny coat that first attracts you to a certain dog or cat, but as any animal lover knows, pets have personalities too. … Continue reading

Greatest American Dog: The Personality Episode

Over the weekend I had the chance to get caught up on “Greatest American Dog” episodes I missed. Which was only last week’s show, the personality episode. Take It or Leave It The first challenge tested how well the dog owner knew his or her dog. The dogs and owners were put in individual corrals. Various items were set out on a dish in front of them. The owner had to make a call whether or not the dog would take whatever the item was. (With no prompting or cajoling from the owner.) I thought this challenge would last forever. … Continue reading

It can be a GOOD Thing we can’t Change our Kids

I can get as frustrated as the next parent that my children will not just settle down and do what I want them to. After all, I just KNOW that I often know what is best for them and I am convinced that if they would just listen to me and change—they would be happier individuals. I could save them so much pain and suffering. Of course, I imagine that my own mother probably felt the same way and parents have been trying to steer and change their children forever. There must be a reason that we really cannot change … Continue reading

Let Your Personality Shine Through

We talk a great deal here in the Home Business blog about various ways to go about “doing business.” Many of us get it into our heads that the “business person” in us is somehow a completely different entity than the “real” person that we are in every other aspect of our lives. In reality, we need to be ourselves even when we are working at our home businesses and it is important to let our true personality shine through as we network and build our business’ reputation. In my old life, working in nonprofit management and fundraising, I used … Continue reading

How Did You Score On The Honesty Quiz?

How did you go on the honesty quiz yesterday? If you scored: Mostly As – It seems you tend, more often than not, to be honest and up front in your dealings with people. But perhaps you are not always as tactful and gentle as you should be in what you say or how you say it. Mostly Bs – You are sensitive to others. Your first consideration is usually ensuring the other person is not hurt or inconvenienced. This can mean sometimes you are not as honest as you could be. Mostly Cs – You are thoughtful, considerate and … Continue reading

Creating a Home Business Culture

I know that the term “culture” has become a bit of a buzz word in recent years. Every business, company, family, and organization seems to be exploring what its “culture” is and we all talk about whether or not we fit in to a certain “culture.” We have appropriated a term that was used previously on a much larger scale and now use it for all sorts of small groups and organizations that we may be a part of. It is probably not surprising then that I think we can apply it to our small home businesses too. Surely you … Continue reading

Capturing a Little Personality

This is the fifth part of a six part series that delves into capturing the complete personalities and uniqueness of the individuals who adorn our scrapbook pages. This article focuses on capturing each individual’s true personality without sugar coating it. Please keep in mind that not only does this work on your children, but also on you, your significant other and friends and family members. Let’s face it, we all have unique personalities. And in that aspect, sometimes personalities can clash, even within a close-knit family. Some people are even-tempered, happy go lucky people while others might be stubborn or … Continue reading

Stubborn or Strong-Willed?

I have written before about how all three of my children are pretty strong-willed and opinionated. Recently, while talking with another parent, he kept referring to his child as willfully stubborn; I realized that depending on how you view it, that tenacity can either be spun in a positive or a negative way… I think it helps to consider a child’s motivation and try to keep an eye on the big picture. A child who is strong-willed and able to stick up for himself, may have a leg-up in life as he gets older. It might be challenging for a … Continue reading

Do You Need to be More (or Less) Logical?

While I have always had a strong vein of logic running through me, I think I have become somewhat more detached and appreciative of logical reasoning as I’ve gotten older. Meanwhile, with three kids of very different temperaments, I have also had to learn that some respond well to logic and others need a little less of it… The truth is, some kids respond really well to logic. This can be challenging for a parent who is a little more on the intuitive or emotional side of things. These kids need to know the cause and effect of things and … Continue reading