Getting Ready for a New Pet

Even though the ground is covered with snow, I can’t help but think that warmer weather will be here soon. After all, we are halfway through February, and then March will come in like a lion. By the time that March goes out like a lamb, it will also be time to celebrate Easter. This means that I have approximately a month and a half to prepare myself and my home for the arrival of a new pet. For a few months now, Dylan’s Auntie has been reminding me that Dylan will be getting a very special gift on Easter … Continue reading

VPI Reveals List of Most Popular Pet Names for 2010

What did you name your pet? VPI Pet Insurance, a nationwide insurance company that specializes in pet health insurance, has come up with a list of the most popular pet names for 2010. The list is divided into two categories: most popular names for dogs, and most popular names for cats. They also have compiled a list of the wackiest pet names. VPI has some advice about how to choose a good name for your pet. Pick a name that is short and simple. This will make it easier for your pet to learn to recognize his or her name. … Continue reading

Monday Layout Challenge: The Perils of Pet Ownership

In honor of our adorable new puppy (yes that is him to the left and below), I thought today’s Monday Layout Challenge should center around our adorable feline and Fido friends. If you have a bird or even a squirrel that you keep as a pet, they count too. Monday Layout Challenge Purpose: My hopes with the Monday Layout Challenges are that you get your pictures out of the boxes or out of your computers memory and onto the pages. It is my hope with these challenges that you will begin to focus more on the storytelling, the special relationships … Continue reading

Travel Tidbits For Food Lovers, Pet Lovers and Sheet Lovers

FREE FOOD FOR NEAT FREAKS Apparently no good deed will go un-rewarded at one of the nation’s busiest airports. According to airport management, if you’re spotted picking up and throwing away trash at Cleveland’s Hopkins International Airport, you could win a discount on your next purchase at an airport establishment. The airport’s new incentive program begins early next year to reward fliers and visitors who help keep the airport tidy. A local newspaper is reporting that airport employees will be handing out coupons for discounts on food and other items to anyone spotted pitching in. The program is part of … Continue reading

Is My Child Ready For A Pet?

Ever since we bought a house my husband has been trying to convince me to get a boxer dog. I am not an animal lover unlike my children and husband. Alysta loves dogs and will stop and pet any animal she sees. When we visit people with dogs she will stop and pet the dog instead of playing with the children. But I am not ready to have another responsibility, although my husband assures me he will take care of the dog. But I know differently. He is at work all day and the care of the dog would fall … Continue reading

Pet Health Insurance, Good Deal or No Deal.

If you’ve taken your beloved family pet to the vet lately, chances are good that you came home with sticker shock along with your bundle of fur! With all of the advancements in medical treatment and screening veterinary service costs have become a real investment for families interested in giving Spot or Fluffy the best! One way to help families cover the costs of veterinary bills may be pet health insurance. An insurance program that many people may have never heard of before, pet health insurance has been around for awhile, but is gaining popularity as vet bills continue to … Continue reading