Printing Photos from a SD Card

PictBridge technology may be a popular way to share phenomenal photos with family and friends, but it is hardly the only way. Another very effective and easy way to print frame worthy shots is through a card reader. These days you will be hard pressed to find a digital camera that doesn’t have the memory space to store at least a few thousand high-resolution pictures. However, if you want to move your cherished shots from your camera directly onto your computer without using cables, you’ll need a card reader. This is where a Secure Digital (SD) card comes into play. … Continue reading

Free 8×10 Of Baby

I know I said yesterday that today’s blog would be about whether you need to replace your child’s car seat after a car accident, but I discovered a deal that I had to share with you, and it’s only valid today. I know that many parents take their children to get their pictures taken professionally. This usually happens at three months, six months, nine months, one year, and every subsequent birthday. I’ve never taken my daughter to get her picture taken professionally. I’m not sure why, but it probably is a combination of a few things. It could be the … Continue reading

Getting Autographs For Your Family Photo

It was after my grandfather passed away that I realized I should have kept one of the many signed notes he used to leave on the kitchen table for me. That was what inspired me to do the project I’m going to tell you about now. I decided to take a family photo and enlarge it. I then took it to everyone featured in the photograph and had them sign it. It was a simple project to do, but in years to come, it will be something my child can look at and know that everyone was together and signed … Continue reading

More Basic Photo Tips for Digital Camera Owners

Now that you know a bit more on how to focus your shots correctly and you know how to add some action to your photos, it’s time to discuss other ways to spice up your pictures. CURVES S-curves (or any type of curve) can make a photo much more appealing. Just remember that a curve should start at the photo’s edge and lead to your subject. That way when a person is viewing your shot his or her eyes will be naturally drawn to the focal point of your image. FLASH Be careful when using your flash. While the added … Continue reading

Photo Editing Made Easy

If you shoot with a digital camera you might agree that it is nearly impossible to end up with a bad print. Photo editing can turn even the most oddly framed photo into a visual masterpiece. In addition, the technology can do wonders to compensate for poor lighting. If you tend to take pictures that need a few minor adjustments to make them print worthy, photo editing is key. The simplest way to improving your digital photographs (without enrolling in a photography class) is to edit them with easy-to-use software. For example, Google’s Picasa is one of the most popular … Continue reading

More Tips to Consider When Shooting Outdoors

It’s summer and there is no better time than now to take as many outdoor shots as possible. Whether you are capturing your daughter’s first swim lesson or your son’s first t-ball game you want to make sure you get the best photos possible. And since these summer activities take place in the great outdoors it’s important to learn how to use the sun to your advantage. For example: FLASH Turn off your flash. This is especially important if you have a moderate priced point and shoot digital camera off. Most cameras in this category have overpowering flashes that turn … Continue reading

Pictures and Color Temperature

When avid photographers hear the term “color temperature” most think of White Balance. When I was working in TV, white balance was a critical factor in daily shooting and is the reason you see some interview subjects holding up a white piece of paper in front of TV cameras prior to the start of a press conference or other major media event. White Balance essentially measures the color temperature of a photo and on most digital cameras there is some function that allows you to control the White Balance in your shot. While most people simply employ the Auto White … Continue reading

Drawbacks of Digital Photo Frames

In a previous blog I discussed the latest report on Kodak’s EasyShare EX1011 digital photo frame. While some testers rated the device as one of the best on the market others pointed out some obvious drawbacks to this particular model. For example, while the frame has a built-in Wi-Fi transmitter to connect with your home wireless network, making it unnecessary to string a USB cord for access to photos from your PC (a definite pro) or the Kodak Gallery, you cannot access photos from other photo-sharing sites, such as Flickr. Another complaint lodged by testers, which is common among wireless-enabled … Continue reading

New Trends in Digital Photography

Are you looking to purchase a new digital camera in time for your Fourth of July BBQ? Or perhaps you want a new camera to shoot some frameworthy shots at your family reunion this summer. Whatever your reason now is a great time to snap up the latest and greatest digital cameras and accessories for a decent price. Most stores are trying to get their current stock off the shelves so they can make room for new models to be unveiled in time for the holiday season. The following digital cameras have been given the thumbs up by Consumer Reports: … Continue reading

Your Dad’s Photo on the Cover of a Magazine

If you are looking for the perfect Father’s Day photo gift then you’ve come to the right place. While some men are more willing to admit it than others I doubt there are many dads out there who haven’t dreamed of seeing their photo grace the cover of a magazine. Some dads would kill to see their faces on the cover of Sports Illustrated or Golf Digest (or in my brother’s case—-SURFING Magazine). Heck, I know some dads who wouldn’t mind seeing their mugs on the cover of GQ magazine. Regardless of your dad’s preference in periodicals there is a … Continue reading