How Do You Introduce Yourself to Your Own Child? –Part One: Prepare Them

Unlike mothers who deliver a baby, I was not one of the first people my child saw or even depended on. She had a birthmother, then two hospitals, then a loving foster mother for ten months, who as far as she knew was her mother. She had a name and a history before I ever met her—or before she ever met me. Some things adoptive parents do are send pictures the child can look at. Our agency required this if the child was over eight months old. We used one of those soft cloth book baby albums with plastic slots … Continue reading

Photoworks – 50% Off Cards

I took advantage of the Photoworks deal on books a little while back. It’s beautiful! I’m having a difficult time waiting until Mother’s Day to give it to my mom. I know she’s going to be thrilled, and I know she’s going to cry (sorry in advance, Mom!). If you didn’t get a chance to get in on that deal, you can pay full price for a photobook. Truthfully, it would be worth it. But maybe you’re like me, and can’t stand to pay retail for anything. If so, you might instead want to try this deal. Right now, photo … Continue reading

Creating and sharing digital scrapbook pages is becoming more popular with the creation of online sites with tools that make it so easy. is a new site with many fun and creative possibilities. You can create a nice variety of items on this site that you can share with others. This is not only for scrapbookers, but anyone who wants to share photos in a creative way. You just need to upload your photos to the site and then you can let the fun begin. One option that you have on the site is to create greeting cards. This … Continue reading