Digital Photography as a Time Waster

I read somewhere recently that although we love our digital cameras, they’re a time waster. I hadn’t thought much about it before, but once I read that, I had to stop and think. I do spend more time with my photos now than I used to. In addition to the additional time we place in taking photos (since there’s no limit I am guilty of taking many more shots and trying to decide whether they’re any good right on the spot), we also spend more time behind the camera instead of getting into the action. Additionally, there’s the time it … Continue reading

Photo Editing Made Easy

If you shoot with a digital camera you might agree that it is nearly impossible to end up with a bad print. Photo editing can turn even the most oddly framed photo into a visual masterpiece. In addition, the technology can do wonders to compensate for poor lighting. If you tend to take pictures that need a few minor adjustments to make them print worthy, photo editing is key. The simplest way to improving your digital photographs (without enrolling in a photography class) is to edit them with easy-to-use software. For example, Google’s Picasa is one of the most popular … Continue reading

Free Photo Editing Software

You can edit your photos and images without paying hundred of dollars for photo editing software. Check out these download for free photo editing programs. You’ll find everything from easy widgets for quick resizing of images to full-blown photo editing tools. You can do everything from editing photos before printing them to creating artful images for your online signature or website. is a free full scale image editing tool for Windows computers that was originally created as an undergraduate college design project. It is still supported and maintained by some of the alumni who originally created it. It … Continue reading

Wednesday Widgets: Photo Drop

Oh those wonderful widgets! One of the first things that people tend to do when they get a new Mac is to go crazy downloading widgets, those cute and useful little programs that are so much fun to use. More and more widgets are coming out each day. They are created by people all over the world to do everything from time your eggs to give you solid financial advice. Some of these widgets are truly amazing, while others, well, let’s just say they haven’t yet built that better mousetrap. I thought I would start a new series here in … Continue reading

Scrapbooking With Picasa

Have you seen Google’s new software? Well, alright so it really isn’t that new, but it is free and it is downloadable and it is certainly worth mentioning! Plus it’s brought to you by Google, which means it has to be good! What is it called? It’s called Picasa. Picasa is a fabulous free program that allows you to sort, search, categorize and label all of your photos. In addition Picasa helps you find, edit and share all the picture on your PC. After installation, Picasa will instantly begin searching where you tell it to search for all of the … Continue reading

How to do Windows

In a previous post, I discussed being creative with your photos, and showed you how to make a black and white photo with a little color added. Today, I want to show you how to do windows. Not how to clean them or how to run the operating system by the same name, but how to take photos of interiors of homes. Many times, you will be taking photos of an interior of a home or business, and it will be sunny outside. There will be light streaming in through the windows, and the interior will be darker. Digital cameras … Continue reading

Creating Works of Art with Your Photos

I was planning on writing about window fixes, but I got distracted, as I usually do, and got creative with some photos I had on my computer. When I finished, I thought “Hey, this would be a good topic for my blog”. What I did was take some color photos, apply a mask, and then erase the color from certain areas. You have probably seen those black and white photos with just a hint of color. You also probably wondered “how did they do that?” I know I did. Here is one way to get that effect. There may be … Continue reading

Picasa Photo Software (part two)

In my last post, I talked about the Picasa photo software from Google. Today, let’s continue with seeing what it can do. The slideshow button is next on the list at the top of the startup screen, and it does just what you would think. It shows all of the pictures in a particular folder, one at a time, in sequence, as a full screen view. To exit the slideshow, click anywhere on the screen and use the exit slideshow button on the bottom of the screen to go back. The next feature to check out is the timeline function. … Continue reading