Getting Ready for Spring in Your Scrapbooking

The official first day of Spring is in just three short days. And Easter is this upcoming weekend. It seems as if Winter just flew by, even with all the cold weather and snow and ice everyone has been getting. Since it still doesn’t feel too much like spring time around here, I thought I would get everyone in the mood for those terrific Spring photo opportunities and scrapbooking pages. Spring Cleaning – Spring seems to bring everyone out of the cobwebs and caves and puts many in the mood to do some spring cleaning. But do not forget to … Continue reading

The Magic Kingdom: Where to Meet Characters

There’s a lot of fun to be had attending character meals at the various restaurants and events through Disney World. Sometimes booking a character meal can be a real chore and if you don’t want to struggle with getting the reservations at the specific restaurant that features the specific characters that you want to see – you can still see Disney characters at most of the major attractions around Disney World. Magic Kingdom You can see them at the Magic Kingdom more frequently than most of the other parks. There are many areas where you will see the characters wandering … Continue reading

What Are You Forgetting To Photograph In Your Child’s Life

Sometimes we overlook the obvious. We might be so keen on capturing events and experiences, celebrations and holidays, that we forget the other things that are important to remember. When we have children, we want our children to remember every positive aspect of their childhood. There is nothing wrong with that. However, I am quite sure there are some things you might not have thought of, or that you might wish to capture now. These photographs can be commemorated in a single scrapbook layout or in a group page of like items. If you are looking for more opportunities to … Continue reading

Easter Pictures For Scrapbooking

Easter is a special time of year. It is probably the most celebrated holiday in the Christian faith. A time for new beginnings and new life, it is a time for celebrating Christ. It is also a time for family traditions, typical Easter celebrations and attending Church services. There are so many wonderful family traditions and celebrations that can be photographed at this time of year. Remember to use your camera and take lots of pictures this week, to commemorate your Easter memories and create beautiful layouts with. Church – Don’t leave your camera at home. Take it with you … Continue reading

Don’t Miss these Winter Photo Opportunities

Now that the winter season has official arrived in many cities, it is time to enjoy all of the beauty that the season brings. One way to celebrate this winter season is by taking pictures to document all of your favorite things. I have come up with a list of things that you may want to capture in photos and I would like to share them with you. The First Snow. This may mean different things to different people. You may want to photograph your home lightly dusted in snow after the first flurries. For me, it will mean traveling … Continue reading

Christmas Eve Magical Photo Opportunities

Everyone knows that Santa comes on Christmas eve to bring all of the good little girls and boys, presents and toys to fill their stockings and to fill under the tree. It’s a busy night for many parents, as preparations come under full swing late into the evening hours as our children are nestled snuggly in bed. Because of how crazy Christmas Eve can be, you might forget some of the great opportunities to take pictures. This is a special night, and children are usually radiant with excitement. Smiles so big they aren’t sure what to do with them. Energy … Continue reading

Capturing Baby’s Special Moments

Are you expecting a new arrival? Or has your home been blessed with a brand new bundle of joy? Holding onto each moment and cherishing it, is important. They are only small for a little while. But what moments are important to remember? This terrific list was compiled to make some of the photo opportunities easy to remember. Whether you’ve adopted or have had nine months of cravings and a sore back, this list will help you remember every moment of your special time with your baby. Still expecting? – Positive pregnancy test (photograph the results) – Mom’s growing belly … Continue reading