Backing Up Your Digital Photos

Here’s a scary thought…your computer just crashed, and all your photos are gone in the blink of an eye or the strike of lightening. All of them. Gone. I don’t think any of us are prepared to walk away from all our photos without some emotional attachment. I know I’m not. If you ask many people what they’d grab out of their burning house, many would reply that they’d save their photos (or these days the computer that houses those photos). They’re the physical reminder of the memories we’ve built up over the years. So it makes sense that we’d … Continue reading

Photography Potpourri—-NO To “Cheese” and YES to Hats

In the last couple of weeks I’ve provided tips on how to capture frameworthy shots and what to do when you don’t have enough frames to preserve your prize-winning photos. Shooting the perfect picture and organizing the end results… you’d think I would have exhausted all of my advice by now, but you’d be wrong. I have a few additional tips I wanted to share with you. (When my daughter was an infant she would wear a different hat nearly everyday.) JUST SAY NO TO “CHEEEESSSSE.” It’s the universal method for getting photo subjects to smile (or least contort their … Continue reading

Returning to Scrapbooking after a long break

I have had several conversations with friends about scrapbooking lately. They all used to scrapbook, but have been busy with other things and now they say that they just don’t even know where to start. It can seem like an overwhelming if you think that you have to scrapbook all of the pictures from the last 5 years (or more) right away. I’d like to suggest some ways to simplify the way you approach scrapbooking so that it is a fun hobby without the unnecessary self-inflicted pressure to get it all done right now. Create a mini album. This would … Continue reading

Organizing Your Photos: Part Three – Selecting

Once your photos are in order, you can determine which pictures you wish to use in each album. It’s sometimes hard to decide what you want to use on a layout and what you want to keep for another type of album. I hope that these tips make that decision just a bit easier for you. Use the post it notes, boxes, files, or baggies. Make a place for each album you want to create. For example, if you are making one for each child, write the name of each child on a separate post it and begin selecting photos … Continue reading