World’s Largest Photo Album

I don’t own it, but with the amount of photos I take on a weekly basis I certainly could. Recently, I went online looking to purchase a massive photo album. I wanted to buy the largest album possible. That’s when I discovered the world’s largest photo album was not for sale… but it does exist. In fact, the record-breaking album measures 9 feet wide by 12 feet tall and reportedly requires two people to turn each page. And as you might have already deduced it was created by a company looking for a little positive PR. Last year Dodge broke … Continue reading

What To Do With All Those (Digital) Vacation Photos

Just because I prefer to shoot on film doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally take digital pictures. For all of you readers who have digital cameras and have been feeling left out of my previous blogs—this one is for you. With summer rapidly coming to an end you are probably wondering what to do with all those great vacation shots you have stored on your digital camera. (Now’s a good time to go through all those shots and decide which ones to keep and which ones to delete before you start snapping those back-to-school shots.) The following are different ways (they … Continue reading

Keeping Your Photos Safe: Extreme Temperatures

Continuing on in the Keeping Your Photos Safe series, another large contributor to photo damage was listed as temperatures and climate issues. In this regard, temperatures can play a huge part in how fast or how slowly your photographs fade. This isn’t just the case with photo storage, but in album storage as well. The sad stories I heard at a photo preservation class I taught, told about photographs ruined from basement storage, attic storage, garage storage and even storage units at non climate control companies. People have lost precious memories due to completely controllable circumstances. First, attics and basements … Continue reading

New Photo Storage Devices

We’ve covered how to take great shots, special event photography, …etc. Once we’ve taken all those great photos, how do we store them? Here are some new products made especially for storing your digital photos: (source-June 2006 Shutterbug Magazine). Apacer makes a battery-powered DVD reader/writer that supports multiple memory cards, and has a small color screen for playback and monitoring. It also burns and reads CDs as well. Cost-$299.00. CMS Products has a portable back-up system called the ABSmini with 40, 60, or 80GB capacity, allowing you to store photos from your laptop or desktop on an external device. Also … Continue reading

Organizing Your Photos: Part Four – Storing

Storing your photographs is one of the most important processes in scrapbooking. You need your photographs to stay safe and archival. Here are a few ways to make this process easier and ensure that you are preserving your photographs, so that you can later preserve your memories. Store photographs in a cool place that it not subject to high humidity. In home’s where the weather contains large amounts of humidity, it is best to store photos in a dark closet within a sealed container. Please be sure that your container is PVC free or damage is likely to occur to … Continue reading