Choosing a Great Wedding Photographer Part 2

I previously went over a few things you’ll want to keep in mind as you choose a wedding photographer, and this topic is so important that I thought it would be worth a little more attention. One of the more obvious things to check on when choosing a photographer is price. You should have an established budget for what you’re willing to pay for wedding photos. This obviously depends on what you want, but it could range from very little to the most expensive item you plan for. I’ve known people who have done both extremes and many somewhere in … Continue reading

Pet Portraits by Michael: Chatting About Pet Photography

In Meet the Josephs I introduced you to some very dear friends of our entire family: Michael, Karen, and Tucker Joseph. (I should have used the above picture for that piece, but I didn’t have it yet. Oh well. Now you can see what the Josephs, not just Tucker, look like!) I thought it’d be fun to interview them about their business, and thankfully their schedule wasn’t as swamped as it usually is so they had a little time to humor me… Courtney Mroch: Say someone’s interested in getting a Pet Portrait by Michael. Describe how a shoot goes, what … Continue reading

Step Out From Behind The Camera

Does your family look through your scrapbook albums and wonder where mom was (or dad) in all the photos? When people see you, do they expect to see a camera attached to your face? If you’re like me, they probably do. Why? Because I am the family photographer, no doubt about that. Not only do I love taking pictures, but I love experimenting with my camera’s settings and trying to get unique and different perspectives when photographing subjects. But it’s time to step out from behind the camera, for me and for you. It’s time to hand over the camera … Continue reading