What Does Your Pet Do All Day?

Some pets love the camera My engineering husband is a bit of a techie. He’s an odd sort, however, who never asks for any presents. Most gadgets he wants are expensive, so he feels bad putting them on any gift wish lists. Ever since we started dating, I would spend the months before his birthday and Christmas browsing the internet looking for suitable contraptions or other toys he might like. That’s how I discovered website thinkgeek.com, a site devoted to cool geeky toys, technology, t-shirts, books, and more. Given the breadth of Think Geek’s offerings, it was only a matter … Continue reading

Capturing Kids in Action

When I look at photos that were taken of me when I was a child I notice that there were not many action shots. While I realize that it wasn’t as easy to take action photos with dated film cameras, I still wonder why there were not more candid photos taken. My old photos seem to always feature me holding something or standing beside something, and it’s obvious they were all posed. It’s too bad because some of the best photos are ones taken when the subject isn’t aware the camera is shooting him or her. I wish my family … Continue reading

Cool Photo Items for the Summer

Are you struggling to snap a good picture of your little pitcher? Or does uploading your prized images to photo-sharing sites give you a headache? These are just some of the top complaints lodged by amateur photographers, according to the folks at Consumer Reports. Which is why the publication decided to spotlight new products that claim to make taking frameworthy shots easier for snap happy parents and other avid photographers. Here’s a look at some of new additions to the market that received high marks by testers and camera experts: NEED MORE ZOOM If you are consistently forced to sit … Continue reading

Photography Week in Review for May 4-11, 2008

The PHOTOGRAPHY blog went all digital this week. From digital cameras to digital photo frames, high-tech fiends got their fill here in the last few days. If you missed finding out why wireless digital photo frames are not for everyone or whether you should invest in the latest and supposedly “greatest” digital camera, the Week in Review is designed just for you. MAY 5th—Snapping Summer Memories-Going Digital. Summer is the time of year when most families head out on their annual vacations and snap happy parents’ give their fingers quite a workout. If you are tired of toting around those … Continue reading

Taking Pictures of Sick Kids

This blog was inspired by a recent series Valorie did in BABY about the emotional strain of having your child end up in the NICU. It reminded me of one of my best friends whose newborn spent nearly four months of his life in the NICU. My pal’s routine pregnancy became anything but near the mid-point of her fifth month. A previously undetected health condition put her life in jeopardy and she was forced to give birth more than four months prior to her due date. The end result: She survived, but the early labor meant her first-born child had … Continue reading

Photography Week in Review for April 15-21, 2008

How can you snap a prize-winning photo of your child during her soccer game? What company is the leader in the production of indestructible cameras? And where do you begin to sort a pile of pictures the size of a small child? The answers to those questions and more are included in this edition of the Photography Week in Review. April 15th—Have Camera Will Travel. With the busy summer travel season just a few weeks away I thought it would be a good time to review some basic tips on how to make the most of photo ops while you … Continue reading

Taking Pictures Under the Sea

I love taking pictures, but it wasn’t until I was sitting on a beach in Hawaii a few weeks ago that I considered experimenting with underwater photography. A very nice man saw me taking photos of my daughter at the water’s edge and asked if my camera was waterproof. When I answered no he showed me the waterproof rigid plastic case he was carrying his camera in while taking shots of his kids attempting to boogie board for the first time. I have to admit I was intrigued. My daughter loves the water but at age three she is still … Continue reading

The Gift That Proved Most Precious Indeed

When Wayne gave me my Christmas gift (a camera) a little early last year I was super excited. I knew it spelled trouble for Murphy, Mr. Meow, and Tabby because I’m snap happy. Being the proud mom I am I think everything they do or every pose they make is worthy of a click. As it turns out it’s a good thing I’m that way. Goodbye for a While When my sister called in the middle of March to tell me about our mom being admitting to the hospital I knew I was going to be away from home for … Continue reading

Photography Week in Review for March 10-16, 2008

T-minus 7 days until snap happy parents go wild on Easter Sunday. Are you ready? If not you’ve come to the right place. This week I provided tips on how to get ready for the upcoming holiday photo shoot. But that’s not all I covered. Find out what happened when I took my 3-year-old to take a picture with the Easter Bunny and why some people are so opposed to having others take their photos. Also, learn how to compose a unique shot, and much more in this installment of the Photography Week in Review. March 10th—-Preparing for Holiday Photo … Continue reading

Photography Week in Review for January 21, 2007-January 27, 2008

How many times have you thumbed through a camera manual and wondered what the letters RAW, NEF, TIFF and JPEG stood for? And how many times have you returned from vacation with more shots that needed to be deleted from your digital camera than ones that you considered framing? Finally, when was the last time you seriously evaluated your work in an effort to improve your shots? These are just a few of the topics I discussed in the Photography Blog this past week. Each post includes tips and answers to some of the most commonly asked questions involving the … Continue reading