Black and White Photographs

Some people love black and white photography and some people dislike it. Some scrapbookers use black and white photographs on their scrapbook layouts and some would never even dream of it. With the full color vibrancy of today’s photographs, why do some people still choose to take and use black and white photographs on a layout? Black and white photographs are literally timeless. When color is gone from a photograph, the focus remains on the subject and it doesn’t matter what colors are used to create a layout. It doesn’t matter that the child might have been wearing a mismatched … Continue reading

Are You All Caught Up?

Is there really such a thing as being caught up in the scrapbooking world? Aren’t we always taking photographs, and aren’t we always feeling creative? I would think that this question would retire after awhile, but I actually hear it a lot. “Are you caught up?” Personally I think the question is king of subjective and is honestly different for any person who is scrapbooking. It sort of seems to depend on an individual scrapbookers goals and what they might hope to accomplish with their scrapbooking hobby. In that same aspect, one can also argue that if you are a … Continue reading

A Unique Photo Exhibit

When you think of New Jersey what comes to mind? If you answered traffic, Bruce Springsteen, steak and smokestacks then you’ll feel right at home at a new photo exhibit that opens this weekend at South Orange’s Pierro Gallery, in a community center near Newark. The exhibit features more than a thousand images of the Garden State… but there’s a catch. Many of the photographs displayed in the exhibit have been created by online “photographers” who have never stepped foot in the state. Rather, these “digital artists” have used other people’s snapshots (though, some of the photos displayed have been … Continue reading

No Photos – Creating Scrapbooking Layouts With No Photos

Have you ever found yourself wanting to create a layout about a situation, event or person that you had no photographs for? If you have, you are not alone. If you haven’t, these tips will still be useful and could possibly get your creative juices flowing and allow you to create beautiful layouts with no photographs. Whether it is because of bad photographs, no camera handy or lost camera or prints, there are certainly times in your life that you have been left without photographs for an event. It feels extremely frustrating at the time, but remember that journaling can … Continue reading

How Will I Ever Scrapbook All These Photographs?

Organizing your photographs, scrapbooking supplies and tools is only a small, albeit important aspect of scrapbooking. The more organized that you are, the more you will complete. But what about when you take a look at all those photographs and wonder how you will ever get them all done and in albums? Perhaps, if you have been scrapbooking for a long time, you have several albums complete. Some might be bigger and fuller than others, and some might still have a long way to go. Looking around what do you see? Boxes full to the brim, or overflowing with photographs? … Continue reading

How to Store Leftover Photographs

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, and the big quest for leftover recipes already in browser search engines, I thought it would be a great time to take a look at leftover scrapbook supplies. Starting with photographs we easy because it is the most commonly leftover scrapbook supply. So what do you do with all those leftover photographs that are taking up space and are not seeing the light of day? I don’t scrap every picture I take. I try to scrap as many as I can, but I don’t do every one. Those that say they do, must either … Continue reading

Snap Tote – Putting Your Favorite Pictures on a Handbag

You have probably seen them around town. Those cute purses and totes that boast colorful pictures of puppies and kittens and everything else in between. Did you know that you can now get them with your own photographs printed on them? Introducing Snap Totes, the picture perfect handbags place. These adorable purses of all shapes and varieties can be customized with any digital image you choose. Whether you want to display Fido or your children or perhaps the autumn sunset you captured, they will print whatever you wish on the handbag. You begin by choosing your handbag. There are over … Continue reading

Why Are My Photographs Deteriorating?

There is nothing worse than pulling a stack of photographs out of a container and seeing that the photographs are damaged or fading. Photographs are extremely fragile, and must be handled with extreme care if you want them preserved for future generations. There are plenty of reasons why your photographs could be deteriorating, however there are three main (and extremely common) factors that contribute to this. Poor Storage and Conditions Obviously as I have discussed in other articles, poor storage is the quickest way to damage your photographs. It is imperative that you take a little time to ensure that … Continue reading

How to Best Organize Digital Images

Organizing digital images you have taken is an important process in taking digital photographs. Because digital images are different from negatives, they are stored in a computer or on a back up drive of some kind. The safety concerns with a digital photograph are far different than that of a printed photograph or a set of negatives. Two Places Storing your images should take top priority. This is your only ensured method of back up and I will tell you, that trusting your computer to save all your photographs is not a smart move. It is okay to keep them … Continue reading

Backing Up Digital Photographs

Since we have discussed how to properly store your digital photographs, I thought I would take a moment to ask you if you are actually doing it and how often. In addition, it is important to discuss when to do it. There is a reason this is important to me right now. Yesterday while writing, my laptop started acting up. It took me a long, long time to figure out what was wrong, and I won’t bore you with the details, however one thing that kept crossing my mind was that every photograph I had taken in the past week … Continue reading