Fun with Father’s Day Photos

No matter where you plan to spend Father’s Day, don’t forget to take your camera along to document the memories.  The photos you snap at the beach, park, pool or right in your backyard can be transformed into touching mementos of Dad’s special day. Take aim at Dad and the kids frolicking in the waves, burying each other in the sand or searching for bugs along a nature trail.  Shoot from unique angles rather than traditional ones and don’t be afraid to experiment with different exposures.  More importantly, ditch the posed shots of Dad standing static with Junior and Jane … Continue reading

3 Fun Ways to Take Weekly Baby Bump Photos

Pregnancy photos are all the rage, or so it seems. Many of my friends who are expecting are taking pictures of their pregnancy progress, week by week. If the idea of having a weekly baby belly photo seems appealing to you, there are many cute and fun ways to do it. If the ideas below inspire you, grab a friend or your partner, a camera, some simple props, and pose away. Chalkboards are a fun, easy, and reusable way to make note of which week each picture was taken. If you buy a simple, wood framed chalk board you can … Continue reading

Taking Sweeping Shots

Panoramic photography allows you to take sweeping shots of scenes and place them together in one beautiful photo. If you prefer to shoot with a traditional 35mm film camera you will likely have to spend thousands of dollars investing in an upgraded model that features special lenses to document panoramic images. However, you can get the same results with the traditional film or digital camera you already own by either cropping a 35mm frame into a panoramic format or taking multiple images and then molding them together on your computer. If you shoot exclusively with a digital camera consider the … Continue reading

Try a New Scrapbook Look Using Black and White Photos

If you were to take a look through my scrapbooks you would see a lot of color. The album itself, the pictures inside, the paper and embellishments all scream color. I’m sure this is true for most scrapbookers. We tend to really like color. Recently I have been thinking of doing something a little different. I really appreciate the look and beauty of black and white photos. Black and white photos are simple but sophisticated. They have an elegance to them that is very unique. A black and white photo scrapbook would definitely be something very different. It would be … Continue reading

Using Picnik to Work With Your Photographs

I have been using a wonderful online resource for working with my photographs. It’s called “Picnik” and it’s a free online tool that you can use. I have found it to be one of the easiest ways to edit my pictures. You can resize, rotate and crop your pictures. Not only can you do the basics in editing pictures but you can create custom-made effects. There are a variety of fonts, shapes and customizable frames that can be used. There are also advanced editing tools available for the more knowledgeable user. Of course, for additional features you can pay a … Continue reading

Photographing Kids On Their Level

In order to get great shots of your kids, you need to be on their level. Photos look better when they are taken at the same level as the subject. Since kids are short, you’ll need to bend or kneel down to take photos of them. If your child is playing with cars on the floor, you’ll get a better shot if you kneel down and snap the shot in front of him. Also, keep in mind: *Closer is better: Your subject should take up the majority of the frame. Move in so that you don’t have a lot of … Continue reading

Creative Collages Scrapbook Layouts

Designing scrapbook layouts is a fun way to give your scrapbook personality. There are so many options for scrapbook layouts, it is often hard to decide on just one layout. Personally, my favorite layouts always include photo collages. I enjoy creating collages of my son for his scrapbook. For example, if we went to the beach and I took photos of him playing in the sand with a beach ball and holding a sea shell, I would create a layout and make a collage of those three photos. Then, I would design a page with shell designs around the edges, … Continue reading

Capturing Precious Moments of Your Newborn

Newborn babies are precious. They are small, lovable bundles of joy. However, they do not stay small for very long though. Babies grow quickly and their looks change a good bit during the first few months of life. That’s why it is especially important that you capture those precious baby moments when you can. Grab your camera and your camcorder. You will want to use both if you have them available. Video clips of your baby will capture more, but photos are important as well. I’ve always heard that a picture speaks 1,000 words and I believe that. You may … Continue reading

More Inexpensive Home Decorating Ideas

Last week we looked at some inexpensive home decorating ideas. Here are some more. Use your photographs as a decoration. One way is to make a collage of photos from your family’s life. I used to have one large wall in our family room dedicated to photos of our family. Eventually it spread to two walls. You could track our family, and the various homes we’d lived in and pets we’d had, through that wall. I bought simple inexpensive frames and then rather than only put half a dozen or so photos in the allotted spots. I took the sectioned … Continue reading