Black and White Photos

One of my favorite pictures that I own is an oversized photograph of my three children with their cousins. My father owns some property in another county, deep in the heart of the woods besides a river. Every summer my family and my sister’s family take a 3 ½ hour drive to visit their property. Every year something happens that makes it especially memorable. There was the one year when my sister and brother-in-law went canoeing and ended up tipping over. Another year my oldest son fell into a pile of mud. Last summer the highlight was when my father’s … Continue reading

Using Props in Pictures

Are you tired of the same old boring pictures? Pictures are usually all about standing or sitting and then smiling. Sure, we might use different settings and backgrounds to spruce up our pictures but what about using props? Props can be fun and bring something unique and special to a picture. Be creative when thinking of props. Baby pictures are always adorable but they can be even more fun when you add items such as a rattle or stuffed animal. Think outside of the box. What about a picture of your baby drinking out of a bottle or sucking on … Continue reading

How to Catch Up Scrapbooking

If there is one deterrent to a person scrapbooking their pictures it’s when they have “fallen behind.” You know what I’m talking about—when your child is now in high school and you have yet to scrapbook pictures of when he was in preschool. The idea of trying to catch up can feel overwhelming. It really doesn’t have to be. The problem is we think we have to start at the beginning. But it actually makes more sense and is less overwhelming to start at the end and work backwards. Here’s what I mean—first, you have to get all your pictures … Continue reading

Taking Pictures of Difficult Times

We don’t think much when taking pictures of our children for celebrations, vacations, or just because they are acting silly. Sometimes we take pictures of our children when they aren’t doing anything exciting but it’s a moment we want to capture because it’s still special to us. What about taking pictures of your child during those times you might find questionable. My youngest son is in the 5th grade. When he was in 3rd grade he had surgery on his collarbone. He was born with a non-union collarbone which basically means it didn’t connect all the way across. So they … Continue reading

Tips to Remember When Shooting Outdoors

If you are going to experiment with outdoor shooting techniques now is the time to do so. Summer is when most families spend the bulk of their days in the great outdoors and snap happy parents are getting a workout trying to capture all of their children’s adventures with their cameras. To avoid spoiling those spectacular outdoor summer shots (who wants a ton of shots featuring squinting faces or raccoon eyes?) consider following these tips: MADE IN THE SHADE When the sun is blazing seek out shade. Not only will the light be softer, but you will also avoid having … Continue reading

Pictures and Color Temperature

When avid photographers hear the term “color temperature” most think of White Balance. When I was working in TV, white balance was a critical factor in daily shooting and is the reason you see some interview subjects holding up a white piece of paper in front of TV cameras prior to the start of a press conference or other major media event. White Balance essentially measures the color temperature of a photo and on most digital cameras there is some function that allows you to control the White Balance in your shot. While most people simply employ the Auto White … Continue reading

Photography Week in Review for June 22-29, 2008

With temperatures on the rise there’s no question that summer snapshots are being taken by the boatload. Have you taken your camera to the beach yet? Or have you spent the summer capturing hot pics with your camera phone? Either way you might benefit from this Week in Review. Here’s a brief look at what you missed in the last few days: June 23rd—Drawbacks of Digital Photo Frames. If you are in the market for a digital photo frame you don’t want to miss this blog that details the flip side of owning one of these ultra-popular photo-sharing devices. June … Continue reading

Black and White Photography Basics

Everything is new again and such is the case with black and white photography. A few short decades ago black and white photos were considered old and unpopular, but in recent years the power of classic black and white stills has returned and now many avid photographers are embracing the purity of these beautiful photographs. But before you run to the store to purchase black and white film or click on every digital image to mute its color there are some factors you should consider: SUBJECT It’s important to choose your subjects carefully when you are shooting in black and … Continue reading

Drawbacks of Digital Photo Frames

In a previous blog I discussed the latest report on Kodak’s EasyShare EX1011 digital photo frame. While some testers rated the device as one of the best on the market others pointed out some obvious drawbacks to this particular model. For example, while the frame has a built-in Wi-Fi transmitter to connect with your home wireless network, making it unnecessary to string a USB cord for access to photos from your PC (a definite pro) or the Kodak Gallery, you cannot access photos from other photo-sharing sites, such as Flickr. Another complaint lodged by testers, which is common among wireless-enabled … Continue reading

A Picture Perfect Day Courtesy of a Perfect Stranger

Have you ever had one of those days? A day that begins completely ordinary, but magically turns extraordinary? I had one a few weeks ago and have been meaning to write about it ever since. The day started off very typically—-feeding my daughter breakfast and getting ready to tackle our to-do list. The one thing that made this day a bit different was the fact that there was not a cloud in the sky. It was an unbelievably beautiful spring day with above normal temperatures. After what has been dubbed by many around Wisconsin as the longest winter on record … Continue reading