A Letter to the Drunk Guy at the Playground

I don’t know who you are, strange man sitting on a rock by the corner of the playground. I do know that it’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I’m at the playground with my two young children. We came here to have a good time, and to play with the other kids. I am not sure why you are here, but something tells me that you probably shouldn’t be. Maybe it’s the way that you are sitting on that rock, just staring at everyone. Maybe not. That is creepy, but sometimes people are a little socially awkward like that. There’s … Continue reading

What Toddlers Learn at the Playground

Now that outdoor play weather is here, my boys and I have been spending plenty of time out in the yard. That has been wonderful, and we have lots of fun together, but to keep things interesting we like to go out to some local parks and playgrounds a few times each week. Not only do the various play structures enable my little guys to develop new and exciting (okay, sometimes terrifying) physical skills, the presence of other children gives them a chance to play and interact with someone other than me. While I do have to stay pretty close … Continue reading

Places to Play

The temperature has consistently been over 90 degrees in our area of North Texas for weeks. It’s not even mid-June yet and we’re sweltering. I love the heat, but it’s not the best to be out in for long periods of time. I’ve written about how our lack of a fence limits how Jessie can play outside. This leaves me looking for safe places where Jessie can play. I took Jessie to the park in the middle of our small town. We didn’t stay long because the play equipment was geared toward older children instead of toddlers. This was very … Continue reading

Caution, Items in Sun Get Hot

Summer is quickly approaching and the sun’s heat can be very intense. When we take our toddlers outside to play, we have to exercise caution against many things. We put sun block on our little ones so they don’t get burned. We bring plenty of fluids so they don’t get dehydrated and we try to keep our little ones out of as much direct sunlight as we can. What precautions are we taking at the playground? There aren’t any reminders that playground equipment gets hot. Even if the playground is not in direct sunlight, heat will permeate surfaces. We wish … Continue reading

Playground Precautions

I have been taking my son to the playground at our local park for more than a year and up until this week, I didn’t think much of it. I thought it was a nice outing that allowed us to get some fresh air and a change of scenery. It had not occurred to me to take any special precautions. He is, after all, just a toddler. Normally, we go to the playground and there are only a few kids there. My son stays close to me and plays in the area designed for toddlers. I can see everything that … Continue reading

A Common Playground Practice Can Break Your Child’s Leg

I have to admit that I have seen my share of kids getting injured at a playground. From little ones being unsupervised on equipment that is too large, too complicated or too high for them, to innocent bystanders who get in the way of the metal merry-go-round, it pays to be vigilant when it comes to watching your child play. But here is a little known but all too common cause for injury. Toddlers and preschoolers who get their shinbones broken when they go down the slide. And this time, it isn’t lack of supervision or a freak accident. This … Continue reading

ScrapWow – The Scrapbooker’s Playground

ScrapWow is the newest thing to hit the scrapbooking world. I discovered it by accident when a friend sent me to her website and I realized it was hosted by ScrapWow. I wanted to find out more and was so excited and impressed, I just knew I had to share it with my scrapbook friends. The ScrapWow website offers you an innovative and easy way to have your very own scrapbook website that is entirely yours. It also offers you the opportunity to share your scrapbook pages online with all of your friends and family. It is really easy to … Continue reading

Your Playground Routine

Are you heading to the park with your kids today? It’s warm outside and kids love summer time to get outside and run, play and go nuts. If you live in a really hot state like Texas (hey there), then heading to the park in the morning means you get to enjoy the outdoors, getting the kids some physical activity and giving you an opportunity for a tough, 10 minute workout that won’t cost you a thing and can supercharge your whole day. Your Workout So, while you’re at the park this morning, here’s a workout for you to really … Continue reading

Indoor Playtime

Let’s say you and your family are thinking about purchasing an outdoor, wooden play set next spring or summer. Why not take your family out and visit the local showroom of a play set provider and builder? You will discover that they will likely have a handful of sample play sets for your kids to take for a test drive. The way this writer sees it, there is absolutely no need to make a decision in a hurry. In fact, I recommend several 1/2 hour trips to the showroom(s). You want your kids to try every piece of equipment, standard … Continue reading

Fear on the Playground

Sounds like a good mock-kiddie film noir, right? I’m not talking about bullies. I’m just talking about the ways that children express and handle fear of trying certain playground activities. My oldest is at an age where she can carry fear intensely, when she has any. She is a pretty brave spirit, but what fears she has, she feels very deeply. She creates a scenario in her head, and it’s hard to get her to let it go. She has a very all-or-nothing personality. The good thing, I suppose, is that she has enough confidence to set limitations on things … Continue reading