Want to Feel Treasured and Special?

Would you like to feel treasured and special? Don’t you think your spouse would like to feel treasured and special and glad they married you? Perhaps you could try this way to make it happen. Put your spouse first. Excuse me? I can hear some people say. How does that help me and make me feel treasured and special? Let me explain. ‘In some couples each person puts the other first’ this was an observation by the Katie, a child observer of Mr. and Mrs. Randolph in the novel True to Form by Elizabeth Berg. Yes, it is a novel … Continue reading

Symbols of Love

The other day I wrote how a perfect red camellia was, for me, a symbol of love. One other time it was a vase of sweet peas. For many people flowers, in particular roses, are a symbol of love. For my father roses were anything but symbols of love. He hated roses. When Mum and Dad bought a house with beds of roses in it, every one of those roses were dug out by Mum since Dad had a bad heart and couldn’t do the digging. Their removal and absence was, in a way, a symbol of love. Of course … Continue reading

My Favorite Things

I’m sure many of you remember the song My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music with its raindrops on roses etc. I thought I’d share some of my favorite things. Living where I live and belonging to the church that God has brought us to. Sunlight shimmering on water, as it was this morning when we passed the beach. Walking on the beach. Sunsets and waterfalls (Surely two of God’s most amazing creations that I never tire of looking at) My bible which is a workbook for living and filled with dates, answers to prayer, highlighted verses and underlines … Continue reading


A young woman gave birth alone Strangers surround her, hold you first In the bright glare of a sterile room One room In a large hospital In a populous country In a huge world. Yet fireworks lit the skies all over the world the night you were born There were prayer vigils and champagne and parties to end all parties. All the hospital staff know and remember you, Happy Jade, jewel of the future; First baby born at that hospital in the New Millennium. A Korean friend remembers a news story about the first New Year baby– Was it you? … Continue reading

Kaleidoscope – Dorothy Gilman

Most famous for her Mrs. Polifax series, Dorothy Gilman didn’t limit herself to stories about the gutsy elderly detective. In “Kaleidoscope,” we see a whole new female sleuth, Madame Karitska. First introduced in Gilman’s book “The Clairvoyant Countess,” Karitska is a displaced countess of former wealth who went through a terrible period in her life and is now virtually penniless, living in a humble apartment from where she does psychic readings. Karitska’s good friend Pruden is on the police force and often comes to her for advice. She helped rescue his lady love in the first novel, and in this … Continue reading

How God Answers Prayer.

I’m going to take a break from the blogs on anger, to share something of how God has been at work getting me back on track. Lately I have been ignoring my poetry in favor of other forms of writing. Then I received a new poetry book, ‘Two Kinds of Silence’ by Tasmanian poet Kathryn Lomer. I’m looking forward to reviewing it. ‘I really should get back to writing poetry,’ the thought flitted through my mind. That day and the next I wrote and send off a batch of poems for children. A day or so later I received ‘Studio … Continue reading

What are Google Alerts?

Just when you think the Internet couldn’t get any cooler, it does. I recently started using Google Alerts. It’s a fascinating tool that allows you to choose a topic you’re interested in and be alerted anytime a blog is written on that topic or a website mentions it. I like to keep on top of what people are saying about me, so I put “Tristi Pinkston” in as a search term. Once a day, I get an e-mail which shows me a list of all the places where I’ve been mentioned that day, along with links and the first sentence … Continue reading

Meet a Families.com Blogger – Dale Harcombe!

Today we are joined by the incomparable Dale Harcombe, who shares her taste in movies with me. Dale, thanks for chatting with me today. How long have you blogged for Families.com? Since mid-May 2007. I started just after coming back from Alpha 2 Omega, a Christian writers’ convention in Brisbane, Queensland. What topics do you blog about? At this stage Christian, though it seems to encompass different areas of life, since being a Christian affects all of living. What is your favorite thing about blogging for Families.com? I like the feeling of commmunity and interaction. Also when people let me … Continue reading

A Small Gift With a Big Impact

Christmas shopping this year was made a little easier. Along with the gifts bought for family and friends, I included for each person a copy of ‘The Singing Silence’ by Anne Hamilton. Earlier this year I felt privileged to have been asked to edit this book. It’s only a little book but it packs a great wallop. It is filled with interesting detail and information. I was blown away by what I read. You can read a review of it up on my ‘Write and Read with Dale’ blog or under non fiction at Aussie Reviews-a great site that reviews … Continue reading

Love That Dog by Sharon Creech

I think everyone should read Love That Dog by Newbery Medal Sharon Creech. It’s a beautiful book, a marvelous teaching device, and a great way to learn to about choosing words, expressing yourself, and writing. Because I want people to read it I hesitate to tell them that this short children’s novel is written all in poems, and that it might make them cry. Maybe if I tell them it’s only 86 pages long? And that on some pages there are less than twenty words? The book is about a boy named Jack. His teacher, Miss Stretchberry, wants him to … Continue reading