Tips for Getting a Great Family Portrait

You can go and spend a fortune on a portrait sitting, get lots of different poses and then spend hours trying to agonize over which ones you want to order and which ones you want to include in your scrapbook. Or you can create your own portrait sitting and take the photos yourself and spend a lot less money. In addition, you can spend no time actually agonizing over the selection, because the negatives or original digital prints are yours to begin with. This allows you the freedom and flexibility to crop, resize, reprint and alter the photographs until your … Continue reading

Back to School Photography

It’s back to school time for many, and for others its rapidly approaching. If you have some time left, sit back and enjoy the last days of summer. However, if you are in back to school mode, there are some photo opportunities that just shouldn’t be missed. School brings on loads of concerts, events and classroom activities worth having a camera in hand for. The First Day Everyone loves the first day of school photo. Have you considered doing a first and last day of school photo? It is fun to compare the differences, growth spurts and the way your … Continue reading

Basic Portrait Lighting

We’ve talked about some lighting techniques, like back lighting and lighting coming from the side of a subject, at a 90 degree angle to the camera. Now, on to the subject of portrait lighting. In lighting a portrait, you want to create a pleasing light to the face, and bring out the characteristics and personality of your subject. To do this, set your main light at a 45 degree angle to the camera. This will create a sense of depth due to the modeling effect of the highlights and shadows. This is only part of portrait lighting, since we now … Continue reading