Creative Pregnancy Portrait Ideas

I have seen some really cute pregnancy portraits lately. It’s got me thinking about what I might like to do next time around. I did the cliché heart-on-the-belly photo, the daddy-holding-the-bump photo, and the classic stand-by-the-crib shot. I tried (and failed) to take a similar photo every week to track my growth. I really want to be more diligent next time; and I really want to be more creative by capturing both meaningful and humorous elements of pregnancy. Here are some of my ideas: From the sibling’s perspective: imagine a shot taken at eye level with the big brother or … Continue reading

Photo Tips: The Eyes Have It

I took more than 500 pictures during our recent trip to Hawaii and as I went through them the other day I noticed an interesting (translation: distracting) trend among them. In many of the shots my 3-year-old daughter is looking everywhere BUT the camera. And it’s not just in the photos I snapped—she’s looking away from the camera at nearly every attraction we visited. Luckily, I am a snap happy parent who takes more than one shot of each pose so I walked away with some real winners, but the trend did get me thinking about a photo subject’s way … Continue reading

Digital Camera Tips: Taking Portraits

The majority of photos taken with a digital camera are probably portraits. This makes a lot of sense, of course. We love having photos of our friends and family to cherish for a lifetime. It is easy to take the camera and just point and click a few times, attempting to get a great photo. By the time that third or fourth photo comes around, your subject is probably tired of the photo taking. He or she may have a bored expression, a forced smile or, in the case of young children, might even walk, toddle or crawl out of … Continue reading

Portraits and Layouts: Home Studio Portraits

Not all scrapbookers choose to go pay the high prices for expensive studio portraits. So where do they get their portraits? Aside from the yearly school portrait packages that come home, usually they create their own home studios for taking these same types of portraits. Personally, I have not created a home studio to take portraits however I spend such a large amount of time with my camera in my hand that I have learned how to take great portraits of my children. So what do I do with all those prints? With taking your own prints, if you are … Continue reading

Portraits and Layouts: What’s With All the Sizes?

Portrait packages are notorious for coming with several different sizes. From almost too big to do anything with except hang on the wall, to being to small for anything that even resembles being able to see the photograph, the sizes can be challenging to work with. Yes indeed, the sizes of portraits are a problem. Those little bitty pictures are annoying, face it. You get dozens of them and they are so minute or tiny that they are even to small to reasonably work well in a typical persons wallet. How can you enjoy showing off pictures of your children … Continue reading

Portraits and Layouts: Dealing With All Those Portraits

As part of this series about portraits and your layouts, I am determined to find solutions for what to do with each of the problems that faces a scrapbooker. Many scrapbookers find the simply obnoxious amount of photographs you get in a package to be overwhelming. What to do with all those pictures? The Number of Portraits is definitely a problem for scrapbookers. Yes, you usually receive dozens of the exact same picture in a portrait package. That can be great when you have a lot of relatives and friends and family to share with. But can also be really … Continue reading

Portraits and Layouts

Portraits seem to be a challenge for many scrapbookers to turn into layouts. I’m not sure if it is because you are left with so many pictures, a very common complaint. Or if it is because of the many different sizes you receive in a portrait package. Perhaps its because not all portraits are captured at a studio, or you get the shots yourself, and most scrapbookers want to make the perfect layout to go with them. I have no idea what it is, but I am on a quest to make scrapbooking your portraits easier. There are several factors … Continue reading

How To Save Money On School Pictures

This probably seems like a strange article to see so early in the school year, however, for me it’s not that strange. You see, last night we took our two middle school students up to school to pick up their schedules. One of the things we had to do was get their pictures taken, and no school doesn’t start until next week. They have all these id’s and other things they need the photographs for, so they do them on schedule pick up night. So I got to thinking about ways to save on picture packages because quite frankly, they … Continue reading

Picture Frames

Everybody loves pictures of kids or artwork made for them by children. These cute picture frames will help you display favorite snapshots, portraits, or artwork, and they make nice gifts for grandparents and far away family friends. Use the lid from a shoebox or other heavy cardboard box to make cool picture frames. Cut center from the lid, leaving one or two inches around the edges. Cover the “frame” with fabric or ribbon, or paint it. Stamp it, stencil it, or add stickers. If using fabric, glue on some batting first, for a more substantial “upholstered” feel. Glue on beads, … Continue reading

Product Review: Canvas On Demand

Recently I discovered Canvas On Demand. They turn your photos into stunning canvas art. It’s really pretty awesome. They can also create photo collages. Their collages are more than just a collection of images. They visually tell a story, commemorate an event or celebrate someone special. They are amazing and beautiful. A photo collage on canvas makes a wonderful anniversary gift, Mother’s Day gift or Father’s Day gift. How it works is, they take any picture and can create either a Photorealistic™ on a textured canvas or one done with Light BrushStokes™. In which the artist reproduces the canvas in … Continue reading