Postage and Shipping for Your Business From Home

Many years ago, I lived in a tiny town in central Illinois where there was not home mail delivery. Everyone in town would go the small post office to collect their mail or send out letters and packages. Most of us just walked to the post office since the town was that small and there wasn’t even really parking for postal patrons. Of course, there were always a few farmers who had to mail big packages, but most of us just did our shipping and mailing on a small scale, in person, at the counter in the cramped little office … Continue reading

Custom Stamps $12.99 Per Sheet of Forty

Looking for that completely unique baby shower gift? Or birthday present? Or just “You’re special to me” gift? If so, you have to see this. will make custom postage stamps of any photo you like. They’re an authorized postage vendor through the US Postal Service, so the stamps are just as valid as what you’d get waiting in those long lines at your post office. Right now, they’ve lowered their prices from $18.99 to $12.99 for a sheet of twenty. The difference in postage vs. cost is for the customization. At first thought, you might wonder why anyone would … Continue reading

Create Your Own Postage Stamps

After spending time creating a custom card or invitation, it would be nice to be able to add a personal touch to the envelope too. Although there are many options for personalizing the envelope, creating your own postage stamps could be just the solution you are looking for to create a fun and customized card. allows you tp upload your own photo and then print it out as real USPS postage. There are many fun possibilities with this product. This would be great to use on baby announcements. You could include a favorite picture on the new baby on … Continue reading

Sending Christmas Cards

Do you faithfully send out Christmas cards each year? Maybe this is the first time you plan to send them. Either way, there are some great cards out there from which to choose. You can buy themed sets pre-packaged with matching envelopes or you can purchase individual cards. Maybe you opted for family portrait cards. Those are my favorite kind. You can also print cards from your computer. Most desktop publishing programs offer a greeting card setup. With this option, you can make your own family photo cards with just a snapshot. There are various places, both online shops and … Continue reading


It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s Superman… on a stamp. That’s right; superheroes are coming to a post office near you. Starting Friday, July 21 you will be able to adorn your letters, bills, and postcards with Batman, Wonder Woman, Plastic Man and a half dozen other superheroes. The popular comic book characters are the latest stars to be featured on postage stamps. The stamps will be sold in sheets of 20, half featuring the individual superheroes and half showing covers of comic books they star in. Postal Service representatives say that this first set of super hero stamps … Continue reading

Postage Costs Adds up

Maybe it’s been a rough month, and you put off the car payment, hoping to squeeze a few extra dollars from somewhere and get it in at the last second. Well, it’s not going to get there via regular mail, and you don’t want to pay a late fee. You might be considering sending it overnight it to make sure it gets there in time. Wait! Overnight charges are incredibly expensive. Did you know that many times, depending on where your mail is going, your items are not guaranteed to arrive the next day anyway? So, you pay all that … Continue reading