Potty Learning Happens – Eventually

When I became a mom, I had no idea about the amount of judgments that people make about moms every day. It does not matter whether the judgment comes from another mom who does things differently than you do or from your parents, or even from random people at the grocery store – it does not feel very good. Even worse, people make judgments about things over which you have no real control, like when your child becomes potty trained. Since every child is different, every child potty trains in his or her own time. This is such a simple … Continue reading

Cats: To Potty Train or Not to Potty Train

We can potty train our kids, but what about our cats? Do any of the products offering feline toilet training actually work? I don’t know anyone who has a toilet-trained cat. But that doesn’t mean I think they can’t work. Enough testimonials exist for me to believe that potty training kitties is possible, but with one major caveat: it takes a lot of time and a lot of mess. MSNBC Health published an article detailing the feline toilet-training process, complete with interviews with animal behaviorists, cat trainers, and real-life people who successfully taught their cats to use the toilet. Before … Continue reading

Maintaining a Clean Bathroom

In my last two blogs I covered the most difficult areas of the bathroom to clean, the sink and tub. While it is best to do a deep, thorough cleaning at least once-a-week, you should also maintain it on a daily basis. Maintaining a clean bathroom is not only sanitary but you will feel better about using it. You will also feel comfortable with others using it, whether it’s planned or surprise company that stops by. Maintaining a clean bathroom can be done with a few swipes. For me the most important areas are the mirror, sink, toilet and tub. … Continue reading

Cleaning Your Bathtub

Nothing can be more backbreaking than cleaning a bathtub, especially if you have let it go too long and want to bring it back to a semi-clean state. Even if you won’t be able to your tub back to its original look, at the very least you can make drastic improvements. However it is important to know what material your bathtub is made of, since you can cause damage to it by using the wrong kind of products. Some of the newer tubs are made of acrylic. This has a plastic feel and look to it. You may even be … Continue reading

Finally Potty Training, Part 1

Today’s the day. I’m so tired of diapers on the toddler. Today is the day that we are going to actively and aggressively potty train. Jessie’s been showing signs of readiness. I am optimistic that we could be in diapers only at night after today. I am so ready for today. I have our day planned. We’re going to be casual and hang out in our jammies watching cartoons. At 9:00 we’ll change clothes and put on big girl panties instead of diapers. The plan is to drink a lot. I was supposed to get a special drink she doesn’t … Continue reading

Cleaning the Bathroom Sink

In this blog we are moving onto the bathroom, probably one of the least favorite places to clean for most anyone. This is definitely one room that you should keep up with on a daily basis. It will not only keep it cleaner but it will be more sanitary. The sink can become one disgusting mess, especially if you have members of the family that don’t clean up after themselves. There is nothing more revolting to me than going to brush my teeth and seeing clumps of dried toothpaste or mustache hair in the sink. So this is an area … Continue reading

Early Potty Training Tips

Early potty training used to sound like a completely unnecessary hassle to me. I’d read articles about mothers trying to read their babies cues as early as 4 months of age. They developed the ability to know when their child was about to pee. About to pee? How did they do that? It’s not like a baby grunts to go number one. And yet, there was something appealing about having a 2-year-old who was completely potty trained. Still, I didn’t plan to do it with my kids. As children begin eating solids, it becomes very obvious when they are about … Continue reading

Potty Training: Start ‘Em Early

There’s been lots of pooping on the potty going on at my house lately, and no, my husband and I do not have the stomach flu. I’m talking about our 1-year-old. Yep, you heard me – she’s pooping on the potty. Before you start rolling your eyes, calling me one of “those crazy moms who starts potty training a week after her child is born,” hear me out. I didn’t plan to be an early potty trainer; it just happened naturally. One day, when my daughter was about 11 months old, I was sitting next to her on the floor, … Continue reading

Thinking About Potty Training

One of the joys of toddlerhood is potty training. Oh joy! Most toddlers are potty trained before they’re three. However, some toddlers are ready earlier while others don’t show signs of being ready until much later. So what’s a parent to do? The child may not be able to enter preschool if he or she is not potty trained. That’s a huge incentive for the parents, but not necessarily the child. One of the signs of readiness is when the child doesn’t like wearing a dirty diaper. I’m so lucky. My daughter doesn’t care and fights changing. Strike one! Another … Continue reading

When Mommy Goes Potty, Does Baby Go Too?

I’ve decided that, if any mother claims she has never brought her baby to the bathroom with her when she pees, she’s lying. Obviously it’s not something we go around proclaiming. “My baby sits on my lap while I pee!” or, “When I’m going number 2, my son continues to sleep in the front pack. He doesn’t even seem to notice the smell. ” Still, I’m pretty confident every mother has done it at least once. During the newborn stage, especially if your baby is in some type of carrier or sling, it’s simply easier to keep them bundled in … Continue reading