Mini Ice Sculptures

My two young girls are going with their grandparents to see an ice sculpture exhibit this weekend.  They are all very excited about it. We have been looking up ice sculptures online so they could see pictures of what to expect. To really get them in the mood we decided to try and make our own mini ice sculptures. It is a fun activity for them and for me. At first we just pretended to sculpt using play dough but the opportunity to use the real ice was too good to pass up. Just make sure you are prepared for … Continue reading

In the Kitchen with your Preschooler

Baking is fun for everyone in the family.  The process may be so much fun because the end result is so delicious.  Playing with real dough as opposed to clay or Play Doh tastes so much better and it gives your child the sense she is doing something grown ups do.  If you have not allowed your preschooler in the kitchen for fear of a mess or sticky fingers, I understand.  However, it will end up being fun for everyone if you keep your expectations at bay and walk into it with a sense of humor.   A little or … Continue reading

Preschool Activity: Treasure Hunt

Kids love treasure hunts.  I planned a treasure hunt for two of my kids’ birthdays to find their birthday gifts. What You Need:  Small token to serve as the treasure (This can be anything, from a toy from the dollar store to a handful of small rocks coated with a metallic spray paint to resemble gold or silver) Small paper bag Black felt pen Sheet of white paper Pencil (colored pencils will also do) Coffee grounds or black tea (optional) Lighter or matches (optional) What to Do: Bundle your rocks or other treasure in the small paper bag and write … Continue reading

Tooth Brushing Activity

Teaching proper tooth care is important to your child’s health.  Normally small children enjoy brushing their teeth as long as they have character toothbrushes and yummy tasting toothpaste. However, they need to learn how long to brush to clean their teeth effectively and why it is important. The best way to teach a preschooler is with a hands on activity. They always remember something they had the opportunity to touch and see. The following activity serves both as a lesson on health and science. PRESCHOOL TOOTH BRUSHING EXPERIMENT After eating, a sticky coating called plaque forms on our teeth. We … Continue reading

Frugal Winter Activity: Snow Painting

Snow is magical.  The excitement of hearing a little one say, “It’s snowing, it’s snowing!”, is one of the best things about the first fallen snow.  Kids beg to go outside to build snowmen and engage in snowball fights.  Painting the snow with food coloring mixed with water is one more way to spend some time outside.  My girls used the mist setting to spray the snow pink.  It was a display even Barbie would be proud of. Snow Painting Supplies: Food Coloring (Liquid is recommended but gel will work.) Empty Spray Bottles (You can find spray bottles at a … Continue reading

Homemade Fun: Blowing Bubbles

We were in our local parade today as part of our preschool. One of the hits with the preschooler set in the crowd was the bubbles. Since my daughter and I play in a band that goes to parades all summer, I’ve decided that I need to get an automatic bubble-blower hat for my head that will make bubbles while I play and march. Off to check Ebay…. Creating big bubbles, tiny bubbles, and lots and lots of bubbles is one of my daughter’s favorite summertime activities. If you also have a child who adores bubbles, you don’t need to … Continue reading

Homemade Fun: Sidewalk Chalk

Are you creating a toolkit for outdoor adventures this spring? Sidewalk chalk is one of our favorite things. Your preschooler can make tremendous murals on the sidewalk or indoors on a wall painted with chalkboard paint. While sidewalk chalk is inexpensive to buy, it is also very fun to make. Always run out of green? Want to look pretty in more (and more and more) pink sidewalk chalk? Create a batch of chalk with your preschooler. To create your own chalk, you will need a tub of Plaster of Paris, a jug of water, and something to make the chalk … Continue reading

Get Painting

Painting is a delightful activity for small children, but for many parents it is a cleanup nightmare. If you have a deck, a patio, a park or a yard you can access, try painting outdoors. Everything will wash up a lot more easily. You will also end up with a beautiful backyard! Here are some colorful painting ideas for you and your preschooler: Use paint with tough leaves and place the leaves on pieces of paper. This will make a big leaf print. Put a lot of leaves together and make a tree. Place a clear plastic sheet on a … Continue reading

To Try

What was it that Yoda said? Oh yes. Do or do not. There is no try. Well, I disagree. My apologies to Yoda. He may have more wisdom of the ages than I do, but he didn’t watch today’s Paralympic sledge hockey game. We live in Vancouver, Canada, the host of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Way back in the fall, I’d purchased tickets to the gold medal round of sledge hockey, certain that Canada would be in it. Canada lost to Japan, and Japan ended up in the final with the United States. We decided to cheer for Japan. What … Continue reading

Gardening With Your Preschooler: Easy and Early Plants to Grow

We finally have our garden started, a little late for the very early plants like mizuna and fava beans. My daughter has her garden started too, a pot of peas in her playhouse. She’s interested in having her own garden this year. If your preschooler is also interested in growing a garden, what foods are suitable? Out of the early crops, I’d pick peas, radishes, and lettuce. All of these can withstand cooler temperatures, so you can plant them in early spring or late winter, depending on your climate. All of them also do well in pots or planter boxes … Continue reading