Frugal Month in Review: October 2008

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.” – George Eliot October has come and gone, but we can still enjoy fall and the celebration of Thanksgiving and all of the great joys of the season. Take a look back at all of the ways to save money that were featured last month. October 1st Frugal Halloween Costumes It is fall and Halloween is approaching fast, are you ready? What do the kids want to be? You can make some great homemade costumes … Continue reading

Scrapbook Trends Magazine – The Details

This is one unique scrapbooking magazine put out by Northridge Media and has quickly become a popular choice for many scrapbookers. The entire Northridge Media group of magazines has gained an immense following in the past year within the scrapbooking and paper crafts industry. There are now four magazines – Scrapbook Trends, Paper Trends, Cards and Bead Trends. Scrapbooking Trends is an amazing, full color magazine on high quality thick magazine paper and honestly pulls its image off as more of an idea book even though it is published monthly. This is the same circumstances surrounding Cards and Paper Trends … Continue reading

How Much Are Food Prices Really Rising?

If you are wondering exactly how much food prices have been rising, let me share with you some U.S. federal date. Compared to last year, wholesale egg prices have risen 60 percent, pasta has risen 30 percent and fresh produce has risen by 20 percent. Unfortunately, this data is a little old. It doesn’t take into consideration recent months when food prices have really been soaring. Overall, prices for food have risen by 5.8 percent above last year. And, they are expected to increase by 7.5 percent every year for the next five years. Other resources report that baby formula, … Continue reading

Yachting—Can You Afford It?

As I look back at past “Travel” blogs I’ve noticed that I have neglected to cover the area of boating. Sure, I have written about cruises, but you can’t really compare a 160,000-ton ship with a dingy (not that this blog is about a dingy). I live just a few miles from one of the largest ship manufacturing plants in the world. You’d think that fact alone would inspire me to blog about the yacht industry. It hasn’t—until now. I’ve learned that you don’t have to be in the market to buy a yacht to appreciate the trends in yacht … Continue reading

Pop Quiz: Test Your Fuel Savings IQ

It’s dominating the news and has been the topic of several recent “Travel” and “Frugal” blogs. It’s the high price of gas and at this point who knows how high the prices will go. So, here is another blog about gas, but with a twist. Ask yourself, how much do you know about saving gas? Then test yourself with these true-or-false statements. 1. Running your air-conditioner can help your gas mileage. 2. Use a premium gasoline to improve your mileage. 3. You’ll use less gas if you keep the engine running for one minute than if you stopped and … Continue reading

“Fuel Price Finder”

It’s true. I am the butt of many jokes. Born and raised in Hawaii… now living in Wisconsin… I’m sure you can imagine the jabs made at me at parties. But, truthfully, I don’t mind. I’ve got the smile-nod-thing down to a science and frankly there are many positive attributes to living on the “mainland.” One of which is being able to jump in my vehicle and drive, drive, drive. It is not a luxury we have in Hawaii where there are natural limits (the ocean, for example) as to how far you can get by car. But, living in … Continue reading