What’s Most Important?

We determine how important things and people are in our life by the amount of time and effort we devote to them. Take time to list now those things/ relationships important to you as they come to mind. Maybe even the order in which they come to mind might tell you something. When you have your list, prioritize them from one to however many according to what is most important. Next put down next to each one the amount of time you devote each day/ week to each of the things on your list. Sure, we all have to work … Continue reading

Tips To Make Scrapbooking a Priority

It feels selfish to make scrapbooking a priority, doesn’t it? It sounds like a demand more than it could ever be a special request. But if you don’t make your scrapbooking a priority, how do you ever plan to get anything done? There are a few simple ways to make scrapbooking one of the top things on your list of “to do” items, even when you think you do not have the time to do it. Here are a few tips or pieces of advice, to help you obtain your goals of scrapbooking more. Plan Use a Planner/Calendar. There are … Continue reading

Ten Tips for More Organized Writing

Are you always searching for your leads or notes? Do you forget great ideas? Here are ten tips to help you stay more organized: 10. Remember, alphabetical filing is not always the best option, especially for creative people. You may need to create your own system that helps you remember where to look for things. 9. If you keep hard copy files, try using color coordinated folders when you file things. Blue might be for characters for your novel while red might be clippings or thoughts you plan to use to create fillers for magazines. Use a different color for … Continue reading