Throwing a Puppy Shower–Step 4: Prizes and Favors

If you decide to play games at your puppy shower, you’ll want to award prizes to the winners, right? Everyone might not be able to win a game, but that doesn’t mean they can’t leave your shower winners nonetheless. That’s the beauty of favors. Everyone has something to take home to remember your great party by! But what sort of things would make suitable prizes and favors? The answers, my friends, follow below. (In some cases I even included places you can find them.) Prizes for People Just about anything dog-themed would make a good prize. Just think of it … Continue reading

Book Awards: The Edgar

The Edgar Award is named after Edgar Allen Poe, and is awarded to authors who have distinguished themselves in the genre of mystery. It’s sponsored and awarded by the Mystery Writers of America and has been since 1946 with the first recipient, “Watchful at Night” by Julius Faust. The first step in the awards process is the selection of the General Awards chair. He/she then chooses chairs for each of the individual Edgar categories and one for the Mary Higgins Clark award. Then those thirteen chairs select four additional judges, but for the Novel of the Year, they choose eight … Continue reading

Book Awards: The Nobel

The Nobel Prize is one of the most coveted honors that can be received. The mere thought of being a Nobel winner sends chills down aspirants’ spines and makes them drift off into lovely daydreams . . . yes, I’ve had those daydreams and I know what they look like. Once you are chosen to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature, you know that you have truly made your mark on the whole world, and not just a small portion of it. When Alfred Nobel outlined the criteria for nominees for this award, he said, in part, that the prize … Continue reading

Book Awards: The Whitneys

As you browse your library or bookstore, you’ll see various logos on the covers of the books – winner of the Caldecott, winner of the Newbury, winner of the Christy – the list is endless. Jaime Egan did a marvelous series on the Caldecott Medal and another on the Newbury last year, and I thought it would be interesting to take a look at other awards that are available in the literary world. That way, when you see one of those logos, you’ll know why that book is being honored and what made it so special. I’m going to start … Continue reading

Winning a Million Dollars–Could This be Your Next Job?

I have come up with a new idea: I am going to enter sweepstakes as a job! Okay, maybe not as a full-time job, but I found a neat site that makes finding sweepstakes a lot easier to do: Online Sweepstakes. They not only list all sweepstakes currently open, but they also break them up into categories like what the prize is, how often you can enter, when the contest expires, and other helpful groupings. For someone who doesn’t have the slightest clue about sweepstakes (like me!), this site really seems jam-packed full of great info. And just in case … Continue reading

Happy Halloween – Win Real Treats By Reading Media Reviews!

Why should kids have all the fun on Halloween? Why should they get all the treats? Now you can win free treats here on just by reading Media Reviews. How, you ask? I’ll tell you! My writing partner Jaime Egan and I have hidden clues in throughout our blogs for the month of October. Below is a list of questions. As you read through October’s blogs, you will find the answers to the questions. Jot them down and send a private message either to Jaime or myself with the answers included by November 8th. If all your answers are … Continue reading

Could You Be the Scrapbooker of the Year?

It is fun to think about winning big prizes and maybe a little fame for all of our scrapbooking efforts. You could make your dream a reality if you enter Creating Keepsakes’ Scrapbooker of the Year contest and win. I have not been one to usually enter my work for contests or magazine submissions, but this one contest I will have to consider. The prize list definitely caught my attention: $10,000 cash (that could buy a lot of scrapbook supplies!) and prize packages from the contest sponsors. The ten finalists will win a trip to Las Vegas for the Memory … Continue reading