Product Review: The New Cricut Expression

They redesigned it, they added new features, they made it bigger and better and easier to use. So, is it really worth the huge chunk of change dished out to upgrade to the new “better” Cricut Expression model? Many scrapbookers think so. The new Cricut Expression model is much larger than the previous version. It is designed primarily for use on a table or inside a media room or office, perhaps at a school, crop room or scrapbook store. However, many scrapbookers think it fits just fine in their own personal studios. “I don’t mind it taking up space in … Continue reading

Product Review: Betty Crocker Bake‘n Fill

I received the “as seen on TV” Betty Crocker Bake’n Fill four-piece bake set for Mother’s Day, but I had not tested it. Well, today is my birthday (and I’m OLD, so I don’t really want to talk about that!). My kids were very excited about making me a birthday cake and of course, about being the first ones to try out the bake set (with just a little supervision). It’s pretty cool. The set includes: One round layer pan One dome shaped insert One tall base pan One dome shaped pan *NOTE: After looking up the website, it appears … Continue reading

Product Review: Craft Mates Ultimate Organizers

With all the talk about organization lately, I thought I’d take a break from the normal articles, to give a product review, on a line of products I think are exceptional for the organized scrapbooker. Craft Mates carries a unique line of scrapbooking accessories for the dedicated scrapbooker, as well as accessories for crafters and hobby lovers too. Their canvas organizers are the perfect way to get organized and stay organized, as well as being able to easily transport supplies to various crops, and classes. In addition, Craft Mate has add-ons – plastic locking caddies, which fit right inside the … Continue reading

Product Review: Fold-It Swirl Punches

Based solely on Susan Niner Janes’ Fold It Swirl Templates, a favorite in the scrapbooking industry, the brand new Fold-It Swirl Punches are an excellent addition to any scrapbookers’ supply cabinet. They have multiple creative uses, and will provide dozens of embellishments for all of your scrapbooking needs. Dimension is very in right now, and these brand new punches really pack some “punch”. They are super easy to use, and they are extremely sturdy and long lasting. I got the chance to play around with them, and test them out last weekend, and found them to be really fun to … Continue reading

Product Review: A Kitchen Gadget Request

I’ve done my share of product reviews in various blog categories from the cotton candy maker to the super chamois, the bag tracker to the pasta express, mopping shoes to bug zappers. I especially love reviewing kitchen gadgets. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—I love anything that claims it will make life easier. And, it would seem as though I am not alone. Judging by reader comments there are many people out there who share my love of handy-dandy products. A few months ago I got a comment from Jaime who asked if I had ever heard … Continue reading

Product Review: Super Chamois To The Rescue

Welcome to another product review blog. As you know by now (or perhaps, some of you don’t know), I am a sucker for those latest and greatest products that claim to make life easier. My most recent acquisition: The Super Chamois. It’s heralded as the “world’s most absorbent fabric” and this particular brand claims to “beat any towel out there for soaking up spills and drying off surfaces.” So does it live up to all the hype? Before I answer that question I would like to start by saying I realize that this “type” of product has been on the … Continue reading

Review: Tonic Studios 12-inch Paper Trimmer

Searching for the perfect scrapbooking paper trimmer can be a very difficult task. Many do not give a straight cut every time, some are too bulky and others do not even cut through paper every time. The Tonic Studios 12-inch Guillotine paper trimmer did wonders in dissolving all of my past issues with paper trimmers. After a lot of use, I would like to share the pros and cons of this trimmer. Pros This trimmer can slice off the smallest sliver from the edge of your paper. The cutting blade cut perfectly straight lines every time. This trimmer will cut … Continue reading

Product Review: Scrapbook Answers Magazine

When a new scrapbook magazine is introduced, many scrapbookers cannot wait to get to the store and buy the first copy, some will even subscribe immediately (that’s me). But then there are other’s who wait until they hear what their friends have to say before getting a subscription or going on a hunt to find the magazine at their local store. Scrapbook Answers Magazine, who calls themselves “The Ultimate Guide to Scrapbooking”, is the newest addition to the scrapbook magazine newsstand. It is worth every penny! From their website: “Scrapbook Answers is the first scrapbooking magazine devoted to hands-on instruction, … Continue reading