Shopping Website Review: Mandy’s Moon

Mandy’s Moon was started by a mom who adopted a two-year-old and a ten-year-old from Vietnam. She began the site the year after her first daughter arrived, when she realized how hard it was to find objects picturing Asian children. She has expanded to carry merchandise featuring all races, and offers a special personalization service in which not only names, but nicely-drawn cartoon faces of different races, can be put together on products. The “My Family” service gives you ability to select images that resemble your family to be printed on your T-shirt, apron, mug, etc. The images can be … Continue reading

Product Review: The Paper Packer Scrapbook Paper Organizer

I am always on the hunt for a product that makes organizing easier. A constant challenge for me in my scrapbook space, has been how to organize paper and still allow for ease of use. I originally started with the infamous “Target Cubes”. Although a great design, and perfect for what I needed for cardstock, I was still left with the problem of patterned paper storage. I recently found the Paper Packer Scrapbook Paper Organizer. It’s a pretty easy to use, and specially designed product to allow the scrapbooker to “visualize each and every scrapbook page of paper in your … Continue reading

Product Mentions and Reviews

Although most of my articles are general information pieces, I do include product mentions or reviews occasionally. I just want to let everybody know that when I mention or review products, these are not paid endorsements. If I believe a product, tool, or furnishing, will make your life better then I’ll tell you about it. I might briefly mention something, or give a general description and leave it up to you to decide which brand you prefer. In other cases, if a specific brand is in my opinion a better value than the rest, I might mention the brand name … Continue reading

Heidi Swapp Scrapbook Accessories: Part One

Heidi Swapp has created her own entire line of fun scrapbook products. She used to be a designer for the huge scrapbook company, Making Memories, but broke away to form her own company. She offers a wide variety of products and today I would like to share some of Heidi’s fun accessories with you in a series of blogs. Chipboard. Heidi Swapp must really love chipboard because she offers it in a wide variety of shapes and colors. It comes in diamonds, hearts, frames, exclamations, arrows, labels holders, stars, flowers, squares and circles. They come in packages of six to … Continue reading