Share the Home Based Love – Hire a Freelancer

If you are a home – based professional and you need professional help with something for your business, you have a unique opportunity available to you. Whenever you need a logo, web site, ad campaign, or something else that you would prefer not to do yourself, you have the ability to make another home – based professional’s day. That’s right, you can share the home – based business love by hiring other home – based professionals to complete those projects that you need done. Hiring other home – based professionals does not need to be complicated. Web sites like Elance, … Continue reading

Removing Summer Stains

It’s summer, and that means it’s time for light-colored clothing and activities that cause lots of stains on that clothing. Think barbeques, biking, and rolling down grassy hills: all of these are activities that are bound to stain your clothes. How can you take care of your summer clothes so that they look good at the end of the summer as well. It’s time for barbeques and burgers, but the condiments can be disastrous for white shirts and pants. What do you do if you drop ketchup or barbeque sauce on a shirt? First, scrape of the sauce and run … Continue reading

Genealogy Resume

I have recently been putting together a genealogy resume for two reasons. Number one, I have decided to take my genealogy hobby professionally-much thanks to this blogging job for showing me how great it can be to get paid for what you really love. And number two, in order to allow me to reflect on my own personal strengths and weaknesses in regards to my genealogical experience and know-how. My completed genealogy resume will include all aspects of my genealogy “addiction” (for lack of a more appropriate word). I will include my reasons for doing genealogy, any education I have … Continue reading

What is Life to You?

What does life mean to you? Life for Paul meant living for Jesus, taking the opportunities presented to Him to tell others the gospel message. That’s what he meant be fruitful labor, seeing others brought into the kingdom. He is well aware of the need around him. Our world is in great need. Men and women need to hear the truth of the gospel. How are you and I going about fulfilling that need? Paul urges believers to ‘conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ,’ verse 27. We need to look at the manner in which … Continue reading

Once Upon a Day – Lisa Tucker

The characters in Lisa Tucker’s Once Upon a Day immediately sucked me into their world. This story is told through the point of views of many interesting characters. Stephen was a doctor, and quite happy in his life until his lost his wife and daughter in a car accident. Because he couldn’t save them, he gave up medicine and began driving a cab. Dorothea is a twenty-three year old woman who has never before left home, gone to school, or had a friend. She’s been raised with her brother in The Sanctuary, by her father and grandmother. While she’s had … Continue reading

Professional, Expert or Novice

As a home business owner, it can take a little time to figure out how we identify ourselves in our work world. Many of us are used to a traditional job where we are given a title and a job description and it is easy for us to explain what we do and to understand for ourselves whether we are a professional or where we are along the ladder of knowledge and experience. When we start our own home business, we may wonder whether we can present ourselves as an expert or whether or not we are professional–especially when so … Continue reading

The Notebook: The Epitome of Devotion

I’ve been reflecting on devotion and devotion levels recently. Because the stroke seems to have enhanced my mom’s dementia, the romantic in me has also been reminded of the movie The Notebook. If you have not seen this movie, in one of her blogs Christian Blogger Dale Harcombe summed it up best: “Caution – don’t attempt to watch this movie unless you have a full box of tissues handy.” Where the storyline is the epitome of devotion, the movie is the epitome of a tearjerker for sure. Wayne was actually the one who reminded me about the movie. I had … Continue reading

Are You Putting Your Life on Hold?

Are you waiting for something to happen? Are you waiting for another person to do something for you or to arrive in your life or waiting until you lose weight, get that promotion, or are able to afford the right house or car? After a person has been through a tough, traumatic event or suffered a loss it can feel absolutely natural to put everything on hold and wait for a better day. Somehow, however, we have to find a way to move on with our lives and NOT put everything on hold in hopes that “something” will change or … Continue reading

Meet a Blogger – Dale Harcombe!

Today we are joined by the incomparable Dale Harcombe, who shares her taste in movies with me. Dale, thanks for chatting with me today. How long have you blogged for Since mid-May 2007. I started just after coming back from Alpha 2 Omega, a Christian writers’ convention in Brisbane, Queensland. What topics do you blog about? At this stage Christian, though it seems to encompass different areas of life, since being a Christian affects all of living. What is your favorite thing about blogging for I like the feeling of commmunity and interaction. Also when people let me … Continue reading

A Matter Of Death And Life

Organ transplants are very much in the news at the moment. Earlier this week a TV show ran a program about nine year Jack Woods and how his organs brought life to seven other people on the waiting list for various other organ transplants. His story convinced ex AFL footballer Nathan Buckley to sign up to become and organ donor. Then on Wednesday, our local paper reported two stories of two men who had received double lung transplants. Rod Dean received his transplant almost nine years ago. The other, Wayne Green, only had his transplant last year and his body … Continue reading