Product Review: Fold-It Swirl Punches

Based solely on Susan Niner Janes’ Fold It Swirl Templates, a favorite in the scrapbooking industry, the brand new Fold-It Swirl Punches are an excellent addition to any scrapbookers’ supply cabinet. They have multiple creative uses, and will provide dozens of embellishments for all of your scrapbooking needs. Dimension is very in right now, and these brand new punches really pack some “punch”. They are super easy to use, and they are extremely sturdy and long lasting. I got the chance to play around with them, and test them out last weekend, and found them to be really fun to … Continue reading

Organizing The Old Supplies First

Lately, I’ve been cleaning and organizing some of my scrapbook supplies. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I have enough products to open my own store. I think I’m more of a scrapbook supply collector than anything. Or rather I used to be. Since I’ve been going through everything I’ve come across many supplies I had either forgotten I had, or if I remembered I had them, I wasn’t using them. Not a very frugal way to scrapbook. I guess I need to start practicing what I preach. But regardless, I was faced with loads of old supplies I needed … Continue reading

The Organizational Binder

Ideas for organizing my scrapbook stuff come to me at the strangest times. Sometimes at night, when I am trying to go to sleep. Sometimes during the afternoon when I am running errands with five loud children in the back of my mini-van. But regardless of when they hit, I always write them down! I keep an Organizational Binder with me at all time’s in my purse, but you could also keep it with you in a diaper bag, or simply carry it as if it was an actual organizer (which mine is). I am obsessed with organizing things. In … Continue reading

The Corner Rounder

Several years ago, an innovative punch was introduced to the scrapbooking world. Among shapes of frogs and bears, there was this great punch that could be used for so much more. The Corner Rounder. The corner rounder was so popular, that it was rare to find a scrapbook page layout during this time frame that did not have photographs with rounded corners. But as with any trend, it did eventually die out and the corner rounder became obsolete. In fact, for a long time, you rarely saw it. I know mine collected dust. But in the more recent times, I’ve … Continue reading

The Forgotten Hole Punch and Its Many Uses

Several years ago, one of the most popular tools in scrapbooking were punches, and the favorites used to be all the different shapes. But now, although not obsolete (I still use them), they are not as common to see in layouts. However, there are a few basic punches I think every scrapbooker should own. One of these is the hole punch. I have five in different sizes and they are a wonderful addition to my tools. There are numerous ways to use a hole punch in your scrapbooking, not only to help with scrapbooking but to use for decorations as … Continue reading