My Favorite Backseat Traveling Toys

Homeschool is a misconception since most who homeschool are rarely home.  As summer hits we are home even less.  Each of my kids are signed up for an activity, a day summer camp, or a volunteer opportunity.  I make sure they are not overloaded but with four kids I am always dropping off or picking up someone.  My two little ones are always in tow no matter whose day it is to go somewhere.  As you can image they get bored with all the driving around.  Since my older two kids have the most to do it leaves my little … Continue reading

How to Make Great Coffee

Does everyone groan when you make the coffee at work? Are you constantly picking up cups of coffee at expensive shops because it tastes so much better? Don’t worry, it isn’t that hard to make great coffee at home. You just need to know a few of the secrets that will make a difference. Start Clean A clean coffee maker can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to good coffee. Clean the pot and the spot where the grounds go well, so your next cup of coffee will be smooth and not bitter. It’s All … Continue reading

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

One area of the kitchen that you may not think about much when it comes to cleaning is your cabinets. But you can keep them looking good for a longer time with some care. Ideally, wiping the outside of your cabinets on a daily basis will help in maintaining the look. This is especially true for those cabinets that are located near your stove. You would be surprised at how much grime and grease ends up on the outside of your cabinets after you have been cooking. But if a daily wiping down sounds like too much, then try to … Continue reading

Clean Kitchen Sinks

We have been tackling the kitchen, focusing on appliances but today I want to talk about the sink. Now to some this may not be a big deal but to others (myself included), I just cannot handle having a dirty sink. I can’t stand seeing food or grease caked on or splattered all over my sinks. I find it very unappealing. Keeping my sinks clean on a daily basis is just one of those things that are important to me. And it can be done with very little effort and time. Several years ago I was introduced to “FlyLady,” an … Continue reading

Cleaning Out the Stove

Next to the refrigerator, the stove is another appliance that most of us don’t like to clean. But just like the fridge it is one of those things that if it isn’t maintained, will become a huge cleaning project. Let’s start with those of you who may have allowed your stove to get to the point where, well, you almost don’t like baking in it. It is definitely time to clean it out. Oven cleaners that you spray and leave on for a bit are the best types of products to use. But you may need to incorporate other products … Continue reading

When Your Refrigerator Has Become a Science Project

I don’t know if you can relate but the one area of my kitchen that is always sorely in need of cleaning is the refrigerator. I always tell myself that I am going to do a thorough cleaning out each week, which would make staying on top of it easier. Yet one week turns into two, turns into three and by the end of the month it is as if I have a science project going. I will never forget the one time I cleaned out my refrigerator and discovered I had eight, yes; count them, eight tubs of sour … Continue reading

The Dream Kitchen Sweepstakes

Oh, how I would love to win the Dream Kitchen Sweepstakes. I have a lovely home; however, the kitchen does need some work so winning this contest would be absolutely wonderful. The Dream Kitchen Sweepstakes is sponsored by Good Housekeeping and began on February 1, 2010. Do not worry though because this long running sweepstakes is going on until January 31, 2012. No purchase is necessary to be part of this very generous contest that will give a lucky grand prize winner $250,000 in the remodeling of their kitchen! Yes, you heard correctly, $250,000! Wow, that would give you cute … Continue reading

How to Store Cookbooks

As I was writing about favorite cookbooks for the food blog it made me wonder about where people store their cookbooks. Some people I know have a display shelf in the kitchen with their cookbooks on it. Usually these are the big glossy cookbooks with lots of color photographs. The disadvantage is they can tend to look untidy this way if you’re not careful. The thought of putting my cook books on display horrifies me. Mine are tucked into two cupboards above the stove. Years ago it used to be one. But you know what it’s like you get a … Continue reading

Where Germs Thrive in the Home (and How to Handle Them)

No matter how well you clean, there are some places around the house (or office) that tend to accumulate dirt and bacteria. You might know some of these already… or you might be surprised! Your mattress and pillows. The bedroom is a favorite spot for those evil allergy triggers: dust mites. Your mattress can also soak up sweat and other bodily fluid! The best way to keep your mattress and pillows clean is to bag them. A plastic cover (underneath your sheets and mattress pad) will keep the dust mites out. Wash bedding regularly in hot water to kill dust … Continue reading

Green Projects for the Kitchen

Green living is not something that is going to happen overnight. You will need to look around your home and realize that certain changes need to be made. Today’s blog will start with changes in the kitchen. Of course, all these changes probably cannot be made all at once. You may not be able to afford to change out all your appliances – I know I couldn’t! But, knowing how to make your kitchen greener will help you do the right then when it comes time to make changes. If you don’t already have energy-saving appliances, consider purchasing one next … Continue reading