Create a Memory Quilt with Outgrown Kids Clothes

Just now, I was hanging up skirts in my daughter’s closet after ironing them. I looked in, and there it was: the most perfect little turquoise sweater. And it’s getting too small. Maybe it’s more intense when you have one child, but I’m sure that anyone who’s moved on from a child-raising stage gets a little weepy at having to pass on a particular beloved item of children’s clothing. This one child just happens to be my first and last. When she grows out of clothes, we tend to pass them on to the neighbours up the road who have … Continue reading

Scrapbooking those “Leftover” Photos

We all have them, those photos that don’t really jump out at you for a page, but that you can’t bear to get rid of. Maybe they are way off-center, or have something in them that can’t easily be cropped out, or just don’t show your subject at his best. There are ways around the blemishes! Here are two examples. In the first one, I shot way too many pictures of my little one without really focusing and waiting on the right picture. It’s because I hadn’t yet read all the tips in the Photography blog! I still wanted to … Continue reading