Quiz: Life Before and After a Child

Once you have your first child, your life will change dramatically. You’ll redefine the words busy and tired. Sleeping in might become something you have to bribe your spouse to experience. You’ll mark every week of your child’s life and forget your own birthday. Whether these changes seem good or bad depends on your perspective, but the change is inevitable. It might be fun to record just how different life becomes once your bundle of joy makes her grand entrance. Take this quiz now, while you are pregnant (or hoping to be), and then take it again a few months … Continue reading

How Did You Score On The Honesty Quiz?

How did you go on the honesty quiz yesterday? If you scored: Mostly As – It seems you tend, more often than not, to be honest and up front in your dealings with people. But perhaps you are not always as tactful and gentle as you should be in what you say or how you say it. Mostly Bs – You are sensitive to others. Your first consideration is usually ensuring the other person is not hurt or inconvenienced. This can mean sometimes you are not as honest as you could be. Mostly Cs – You are thoughtful, considerate and … Continue reading

How Honest, Are You, Really?

The bible tells us, ‘do not lie to one another, since you laid aside the old self with its evil practices,’ Colossians 3:9. But can you say you don’t lie. How honest are you really? Take this quiz and find out. If your friend is wearing an outfit and she/he asks you for you opinion and you think it looks awful, do you a. Tell them it doesn’t suit them and tell them exactly why. b. Say the color looks good on them. c. Suggest something else that does look good on them. d. Change the subject If you don’t … Continue reading

Friday Fun: What Is Your Scrapbook Style? The Results

Finding your scrapbook style is not as easy at it might sound. However I’ve tried to make it easier by creating a quiz. Just answer the questions and find your scrapbook style. Hopefully you took the quiz, because you will find the results below: If you picked mostly A’s your style is SIMPLE & CLASSIC. More than likely your favorite scrapbook magazine is probably simple scrapbooks. You seem to enjoy a clean, simple style. You might even enjoy using sketches from time to time to make the whole process easier. No cluttered look for you. More than likely you are … Continue reading

Friday Fun: What Is Your Scrapbook Style? Take The Quiz and Find Out!

Finding your scrapbook style is not as easy at it sounds. First, there are many factors that go into finding your style. And sometimes, a scrapbooker is still trying to find their style, so they model their pages off of many different styles. Sometimes we like many different styles, and other times we are drawn to only one specific style. So how can you go about finding out your scrapbook style? Take the quiz below to find out. 1. You are standing in the paper aisle at the scrapbook store. Which paper type are you most drawn to? a. I … Continue reading