Rainy Day Activities

April showers may bring may flowers, but they can also bring bored kids. Here are some great ideas for entertaining your crew when they can’t play outside and you are out of ideas and supplies. Frugal crafts Raid your home for inexpensive items that can be used for fun crafts. Cotton balls can be glued to paper to make wintery landscapes, snowmen, ice cream cones and more. Egg cartons can be turned into spiders with a little craft paint, wiggly eyes (or draw them on) and some pipe cleaners. Out of pipe cleaners? Try baggie twist ties for legs. If … Continue reading

Several Frugal Indoor Options for Entertaining Your Children This Winter

Entertaining children indoors all winter long can be a difficult challenge. But there are some standard, run of the mill ways you can help keep them entertained in addition to some of the unique ideas I’ve been providing and will continue to offer over the remainder of the week. Here are a few simple and traditional ideas: – Give them a puzzle to complete. All of our kids are older so they enjoy puzzles with at the very least 500-700 pieces. If you get a puzzle that’s big enough, they can all work on it together. – Grab a few … Continue reading

Top 5 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

1. Dance. Since your children can’t exercise outside and run off their pent up energy a rainy day is a great time to put on some music and let your children dance. My kids have fun dancing to kids tunes, music I grew up listening to as well as more modern artists. I often dance with them and get my exercise for the day in as well. 2. Put on a puppet show. Puppets are always a lot of fun especially when you can’t play outside. My children love putting on puppet shows for my husband and I. We have … Continue reading

A Kids Frugal Guide to Rainy Day Fun: 40 Things To Do

Rainy days can be really boring. And here in the Midwest we’ve certainly had our share lately. In fact, as I write this, the rain is pouring down and the noise is escalated by our wonderful sky lights. Yes, that was a tad bit of sarcasm. So what can you do to entertain the kids on a rainy day that doesn’t cost a lot? Lots of things! I asked my two eleven year olds to help me brainstorm some ideas. Here’s a nice long list of things to do together when the weather is less the cooperative. Read a book … Continue reading