Is Jon Gosselin a Bad Dad?

A ton of people seem to think so, but it’s not because the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star beats his kids or puts them in harm’s way. Rather, millions of fans with Internet access are bombarding cyberspace with their criticism of the reality TV star’s… shall we say… extracurricular activities. According to Star Magazine and a slew of “entertainment”-based websites, Jon Gosselin, one half of the parenting team that rears a set of 5-year-old sextuplets and twin 9-year-olds, has been participating in behavior worthy of a timeout. The tabloid recently ran an article (with pictures) of the 31-year-old father … Continue reading

The Duggar’s Go Hollywood

Well, you had to know this was going to happen sooner or later: The Duggar family is going Hollywood! All 19 of them. Parents Jim Bob and Michelle along with their 17 children are getting their own reality TV show called “17 Kids and Counting.” The “and counting” part refers to the fact that Michelle is currently pregnant with baby No. 18 and there’s no telling when the procreating will end. I know what you’re thinking: Don’t the Duggar’s already have a TV show? Not quite. The Arkansas clan has taken part in a number of primetime TV specials, most … Continue reading

Greatest American Dog: Further Criticisms about the Show

One of the reality TV shows I ended up enjoying the most was Kid Nation. I wish the Greatest American Dog had a format more like that. Why I Liked Kid Nation I was not expecting to like the show. A bunch of kids forming their own society? Um, yeah, I couldn’t see how that’d be interesting. So I didn’t watch. But Wayne did. He DVRd the first episode and was raving so much about it curiosity won out. I watched and fell in love with those kids. It was hard not to be impressed by so many of them. … Continue reading

“A Dog is Not a Barbie Doll.” (and Other “Greatest” Quotes)

Recently I wrote about how I’m loving the new reality show “The Greatest American Dog.” One of the reasons I find it so endearing is because of the people. Both the dog owners and the judges. I‘ve only watched one episode (the second, because I missed the first), but that one episode spoke volumes about the experience of being a dog owner and dog lover. There were three quotes in particular that really grabbed me. Quote #1 “She’s not a pet, she’s a companion.” Bill about his dog Star. That one isn’t word for word, but it’s the general idea. … Continue reading

Loving “The Greatest American Dog!”

Judge me as you may, but I’ll confess: I’m nuts for reality TV. Not all reality TV shows, mind you. Some are even too dumb for me. But I have my faves that I’ve watched faithfully from season one: Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Mole, Ghost Hunters, and The Hills. This summer I have a new one to add to the list: The Greatest American Dog. Because of my problem watching animals on TV or in film, I wasn’t sure how I’d take to the show. I also wasn’t sure I liked the idea very much. One greatest American dog? … Continue reading

How Clean is Your House – TV

As I was flipping through the channels last month, I saw something that caught my attention. A woman with a British accent was explaining all the bacteria she’d found in a family’s home. The father looked a little frightened. The mother looked as if she were going to be sick. I stopped flipping, and sat down to watch. And after the show was over, I got up and cleaned house in fear of what nasty bacteria were lurking in our sinks. This half hour show is called “How Clean is Your House” and can be seen on BBC and Lifetime. … Continue reading

The Next Food Network Star

My kids are rushing through their baths tonight because in a little while The Next Food Network Star comes on TV. I’m not a big fan of reality TV shows, but we have watched the past two episodes as a family and have really enjoyed not only the show, but watching TV together. Most shows on TV these days just aren’t child friendly. Even the mild shows have language and sexual references that I’d rather not have to explain to small children. Two weeks ago there were ten participants, each week one person is dropped off the show. The winner … Continue reading

Hollywood—-It’s All Who You Know

When a guy named Rooster gets his own TV show you have to know that there’s more to the story than just his moniker. Or is there? Once I found out what Rooster’s real name was it all started to make sense. Rooster McConaughey is actually Michael Patrick McConaughey… as in the brother of Hollywood hottie Matthew McConaughey. Now you get it? Rooster’s new show is called “Black Gold” and it premieres next month on truTV. Let me start by saying that if you plan to tune in with the hopes that Rooster’s bro will come jogging by in all … Continue reading

“The Real World” Turns 21

If MTV’s popular reality TV series suddenly morphed into of the young people it documents it would only now be of legal age to imbibe in an alcoholic beverage. Ironically, the show has often been accused of glamorizing underage drinking and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon. Earlier this week MTV execs announced it has green-lighted the 21st season of “The Real World.” And viewers can expect some changes to the new episodes. First of all, the new season will be filmed in Brooklyn. Another note: Producers have decided to keep the new one-hour 13 show … Continue reading

The Truth Behind the Rumors

Hollywood is overflowing with crazy and never has that been made so apparent than in the latest interview actress Denise Richards granted to reporters during the promo tour for her new reality TV show. If you didn’t think Richards marrying a guy charged with hiring call girls, breaking up with him and dating her best friend’s husband was enough then consider the latest allegation she is pedaling to the press. According to the actress, she gave up on her marriage to ex-husband Charlie Sheen when he accused her of poisoning their oldest daughter Sam by immunizing her. The former Bond … Continue reading