Changes: Sleep Schedule

Before I had my son, I was a complete night owl. I would stay up till four or five in the morning, and the hours between midnight and when I went to sleep were my peak hours. Those hours were the ones that I worked the best, the ones where I was most aware, the ones that I got the most done. When I had my son, I got sleep whenever I possibly could, just like any woman who has just had a baby. For the first two year, Jonathan could and would sleep anywhere at any time. Shortly after … Continue reading

Home Office: Rearrange and Reorganize

One of the most important spaces to keep organized is the home office. It’s not that the other spaces don’t count; it’s because the home office generally contains important papers including household financial information, even if your home office isn’t used for a home business. It helps to create a system for keeping papers filed appropriately and easy to find. While many simply file things alphabetically, you might find that another system works better for you. You might prefer to file bills and things by date and then also keep separate boxes, which you can stash in the closet, to … Continue reading

Remember to Play

Don’t Be Afraid to Make a Change Have you ever been working on a layout and just started feeling like it was going in the wrong direction? You know that you just are not feeling good vibes? Generally when I scrapbook I place things where they just feel right. These things are usually based on basic design principles such as balance, unity and contrast. Over time, we may not even think about these things as we place items on the page. Earlier today I was working on a layout and it just wasn’t feeling “right.” I normally try to just … Continue reading