Do Your Current Coping Strategies Actually Work?

You may think that you have good coping mechanisms and skills to handle stress, tension, anxiety, loneliness or any other myriad issues that come up for the average single parent—but just because you have coping strategies, does not mean that they are the healthiest way to face things. They might be outdated or no longer useful. Maybe it is time to see if there isn’t a better way that you can handle the realities of your single parent life? It might help to remember that the coping strategies that “work” for us when we are younger, may not still work … Continue reading

Basic Time Management Strategies For Scrapbooking

We always here about time management and how it can make our lives easier, but how does that apply for our favorite hobby? It is easy really, but it does take a big commitment on your part to discipline yourself. Set Aside Time This seems like such a simple request, but often in our busy everyday lives, it is difficult to find the time to scrapbook. However, if you want to complete your layouts and fill your albums with beautiful pages, then it is an essential strategy for time management. Find time when you don’t really think you have it. … Continue reading

Sleep Issues In Adopted Children, Part Two

In Part One of this blog, I talked about sleep issues in adopted children. This blog will focus on the ways parents try to manage sleep issues, and why some of these approaches may be either more or less appropriate for an adopted child. First of all, keep expectations realistic. It takes time to adjust to new schedules and new time zones. If you are a new parent, read up on how much babies typically sleep. There is a lot of variation, and many books consider a five-hour sleep stretch to be “sleeping through the night” for a young infant. … Continue reading

Finding Time to Record The Memories – Time Management Strategies That Work

Preserving family stories should be a priority in your scrapbooking, but even when it is, finding time to record them will definitely require some effort. Often we are faced with very little large blocks of time to dedicate to this, so we have to find those little slices of time and work with those. Try a few of these slices of time below and come up with a few of your own to add to the list. Turn off the television, and get to work. Unplug the telephone or turn the ringer down, resist the urge to answer it. Say … Continue reading