Fun is Okay for a Single Parent Too

I think many of us single parents work so hard to distance ourselves from the stereotype of the irresponsible, different-date-every-night, financially precarious single parent that we take on a very serious and determined demeanor. In fact, we can get so focused on putting family first and rising to the challenges of duty and responsibility that we forget to give ourselves permission to have some fun. Some of us may even be “punishing” ourselves for our situations or think that we don’t deserve to have a good time since our lives are such a challenge. But, in fact, single parents deserve … Continue reading

Recreation…A Great Time to Talk Business…Sometimes

There is a bit of a stereotype about all the business that supposedly gets conducted on golf courses, during racquetball games, and at the health club—some of this is actually true and recreational activities can be a great time to work on business, but sometimes it can be inappropriate. Recreation really can be a great time to make contacts and get some business done—people are relaxed and feeling open and conversational, there seems to be less pressure when you are out of the office having a meal or walking a golf course on a lovely sunny day. It does take … Continue reading

Pool: In Ground or Above Ground

Having a pool in your yard is a luxurious way to celebrate the summer. Pools offer a cool paradise in especially hot climates. They offer a nice centerpiece to an evening cookout. And they are an unbeatable entertainment system for children of all ages. If you are considering investing in a pool, but you are not yet sure whether you want to invest in an above-ground or in-ground pool, here are some notes to help you make your decision. Above-ground Pros There are many pros to investing in an above-ground pool. For starters, they are less expensive, less costly on … Continue reading

Growing Up With Bowling

We’ve had a couple of blogs about bowling (see “But They Couldn’t Save the Bowling Alley” and “Let’s Go Bowling”), but since bowling is such a part of pop culture, I thought I’d give you my spin on it. I was almost born in a bowling alley. My parents bowled on a league and my mother bowled right up until I was born. I remember spending much of my childhood in the bowling childcare center (why don’t they do that anymore?). Once I got old enough, of course, I was set loose with nickels (yes, nickels) in the game room … Continue reading

Sports & Recreation Options

Too often we forget that getting fit doesn’t mean grueling away on a treadmill day in and day out. The main idea behind fitness is to get the body moving and to be active. As a species, we were meant to move. Our ancestors traveled a great deal. They had to hunt for food. They gathered their supplies. They moved all the time. Today, we have so many luxuries at our convenience, not only do we not have to be that active – we’re encouraged by our own technology to be as lazy and sedate as possible. Our mobility now … Continue reading