When Your Church Lets You Down (2)

In our last article on this subject (see link below) we looked at how Susan could not find a nun in her diocese to pray with her for a period of two weeks while another nun went on holidays. Susan was going through a deeply distressing time and she found the comfort of praying with her nun friend very comforting. But it wasn’t so comforting when not a single nun would volunteer to step in for the fortnight and help this distraught woman out. But this sadly is not restricted to the Roman Catholic Church. Lyn had just divorced her … Continue reading

Mary, Mother of Jesus – Bruce E. Dana

We know very little about Mary, the young woman who was chosen to be the mother of Christ. We know she was a righteous and pure woman, who loved the Lord and had a deep desire to be obedient. Beyond that, not much has been said. “Mary, Mother of Jesus” by Bruce E. Dana takes the information we do have and compiles it into one source, putting Bible and Book of Mormon mentions of Mary into one volume so we need not hunt from book to book. He also takes into account the cultural climate and the traditions of the … Continue reading

C. S. Lewis – Latter-day Truths in Narnia – Marianna Richardson and Christine Thackeray

I had the most marvelous opportunity a couple of weekends ago to read “C.S. Lewis –Latter-day Truths in Narnia,” and I loved every minute of it. I’ve been a fan of Lewis’s since I was ten, when I first picked up “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” and was amazed to discover that Aslan was a type of Christ. I remember running in to my mom and telling her, “This is just like Jesus.” She didn’t humor me by letting me think I’d discovered it on my own—instead, she said, “I know”—but that didn’t diminish my discovery. I read … Continue reading

What’s Wrong with Mormons? — B. Jay Gladwell

I was born and raised in the Church and I’ve never doubted the teachings, although I do believe that we all go through a conversion process, born in the Church or not. I went through mine in bits and spurts during my teenage years and now, as an adult (and not so much a teenager anymore) my testimony is strong and I enjoy a close relationship with my Heavenly Father. But when asked to explain these thoughts and feelings to someone who doesn’t understand where I’m coming from, I have a tendency to choke up, especially when it comes to … Continue reading

Baby Blessings: An Alternative to Traditional Church Ceremony

Baby blessing is a ritual that is becoming increasingly popular with new parents. Read on to learn about baby blessings and see if this is something that is right for your baby and your family. A baby blessing is a welcoming and blessing ritual for your baby that isn’t associated with a particular church or religion. While people who are unfamiliar with this practice may think it is something new age or without an element of traditional religion, this is far from the case. A baby blessing can encompass many different ideas and meld together religious beliefs and traditions. In … Continue reading

Ritual and Rules or Relationship?

Jesus taught that Christianity is about a relationship, not the keeping of rules and rituals. Jesus warned his disciples they would be cast out of the synagogues, for following Him rather than abiding by the rules and laws of the Jewish religion, John 16: 1-4. Jesus’ prayer, for his early disciples and for us, is that we may be one with him and with the Father, John 17:20-23. That’s relationship! If we look back earlier in John’s gospel we see another example of Jesus in relationship with his people. Jesus taught He was ‘the good shepherd.’ He is our shepherd … Continue reading

The Benefits of Being in the Same Spiritual Boat (Or Not)

In Marriage and Spiritual Quests I wrote about how once upon a time I set out in search of spirituality. And found it. But Wayne was concerned I’d make him adopt whatever way I decided upon too. While there is much to be said for sharing the same faith as your spouse, there is also much to be said for not sharing one too. Wayne and I have experienced both realms. Neither Wayne nor I can claim a denomination. Just as my parents were raised Catholic and that’s the first church I was ever introduced to (just not formally), Wayne’s … Continue reading

Marriage and Spiritual Quests

Are you and your spouse of the same faith? Did you convert to his religion in order to marry, or did she convert to yours? (If you came from different ones.) Or maybe neither of you had one before marriage and adopted one together. Or maybe you didn’t. Right after Wayne and I first got married I’d pass churches and feel guilty I didn’t have a religion. “Maybe we should see about finding a church?” I once ventured. “Maybe we shouldn’t. Why start going now anyway? You never wanted to before.” I couldn’t put my finger on what was happening … Continue reading

Jason Beghe Disses Scientology

Do you remember when the Tom Cruise video about Scientology was circulating a few months ago? He seemed almost manically gleeful when talking about the overall greatness of Scientology and spoke about how only Scientologists could save the world. Well, now a former Scientologist has released his own Youtube video, only this one expresses the exact opposite opinions of Scientology. While Tom sang the praises of Scientology, actor Jason Beghe has apparently had enough. This week, the actor called Scientology “destructive” and said it was a “rip-off” on a Youtube interview with Veronica Schmidt. Beghe is best known for his … Continue reading

Religion and Animals

The other night on the news they ran a story about orangutans eating matzah crackers in observance of Passover at the Zoological Center of Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan in Israel. They seemed to be enjoying themselves, and while it was a cute story I couldn’t help but wonder: do you think those orangutans care if they’re kosher or not? I’m willing to believe they don’t, but because their handlers are Jewish and it’s their way of life so it becomes the orangs way too. Or does it? Maybe they don’t always follow a kosher diet. But if they did, what about … Continue reading