Finding Moderation

I really think finding moderation in life is an ongoing part of our Christian walk. I’m not talking about finding grey areas or being lukewarm; I’m talking about avoiding “religious” extremes that can pull you far off the center of what Christian faith should be. To further bring clarity to where I’m going here, I want to state that I don’t think we can truly serve God too much, but I do believe God calls us to balance within our servitude. When I first felt the presence of the Holy Spirit impact my life in an amazing way, I was … Continue reading

Faith and Religous Scrapbooking

Scrapbookers are now scrapbooking more than just the chronological events of their lives, they are now recording the things that are important to them. Recording your feelings on religion and your faith is an important aspect of your live to preserve and record. There are now several products that are available to help you add to the religious theme of your layout. has collected a nice variety of scrapbooking products that you can use to help you create your religious themed layouts. They offer patterned paper in both Christian and Jewish themes. The themes on the Christian paper include … Continue reading

What if Your Spouse Won’t Go to Church?

Religion can be a volatile subject in any kind of relationship. That’s even more true of marriage, if both spouses hold very divergent views. One spouse is certain that his or her religion is “the one” while the other person feels the same way about his or her own faith, or is not a religious person at all. It’s a difficult situation, because people who are devoted to their faith feel that way for a reason. It’s usually because they believe that by following the teachings of their religion, worshipping their God, they will be rewarded rather than condemned in … Continue reading

Curriculum Options – Traditional Religious Instruction

Curriculum Options – Traditional Religious Instruction So you have decided to homeschool, now what? Several years ago homeschoolers did not have much to choose from in the way of curriculum and had an even harder time finding their options; not true today. One option is to use curriculum that is traditionally religious based. This type of curriculum approaches learning from a creationist view as opposed to an evolutionary one. Many Christian religious based curriculum companies offer testing services, grading, record keeping, and diplomas. With some you have the option of teacher assistance or you can take care of everything yourself. … Continue reading