I found out my ex-husband is getting remarried tonight. What’s worse, he didn’t have the nerve to tell me himself, I found out through Facebook. At first I was in shock. Wasn’t it only a few months ago that he told me he wasn’t getting married again anytime soon? Wasn’t it only a year ago that he was trying to get back together? While I am thoroughly convinced that getting divorced was the best decision in the world for me, it is hard to watch my former husband become somebody else’s. Not because I want to be with him, but … Continue reading

Wicked Stepmonster

It’s bound to happen sooner or later. Either you or your ex will get remarried, or at least in a serious enough relationship to involve the kids. I always had a step father, my birth father died when I was a toddler so it was never a big deal. My stepfather was always my Daddy. I knew I had another father when I was born, but Dad was always there and that was what mattered. My ex husband is in a serious relationship, he and his girlfriend have moved in together. My daughter vowed to never see him again. She … Continue reading

Two Years and One Month of Scrapbooking Articles

Everyone has a dream and when it finally comes true, you might wish for someone to pinch you just to be sure you aren’t actually asleep. Two years and one month ago, I had my own dream and it did come true and here I am all this time later, still loving it! When I accepted the position to write with I had no idea that two years and one month later I would still be here. I also had no idea of the opportunities that would present themselves to me during this time. I love writing for this … Continue reading

Careers at Disney’s Wide World of Sports

Disney World employment isn’t just about mice and princesses. Disney World has its own Sports & Recreation Career Center. If a career in sports is what you are looking for, Disney World’s Wide World of Sports can be a great place to break into the business. Following is a list of jobs and job descriptions that are available through Disney Sports & Recreation. Sales Management Disney’s Sales Management personnel choose the events that will be held at Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex. They determine the value of each event and select the appropriate participants for each event at Disney’s … Continue reading

Disney Employment: The Disney Look

Before you call the Disneyland Jobline at (800) 766-0888 or the Walt Disney World Jobline at (407) 828-1000, you’d better take a look in the mirror and make sure you’ve got the right look. That’s right. Not just any schlub can get a job working for Disney. Following are the appearance guidelines for Disney employees. If you can’t meet them then you shouldn’t bother applying. Disney employees are expected to have a clean, natural, polished and professional look. Trendy and extreme don’t cut the mustard at Disney so let your Mohawk grow out before you try to get a job … Continue reading

Administrative Jobs at Walt Disney World

The show wouldn’t go on without the many thousands of people playing vital support roles at Walt Disney World. If you are ready to move your career to the next level, Walt Disney World is always looking for high-quality candidates who have strong verbal and written communications skills as well as previous related experience in their administrative role. Candidates with experience in finance and bookkeeping may also be considered for positions in the many finance areas at Disney World. For details on what positions may be available at any given time, simply call the Walt Disney World JobLine at (407) … Continue reading

Disney Interview Tips

If you are applying through a college program, chances are your interview will be a telephone interview. If you go through the casting office, your interview will likely be face-to-face there at the Casting Office. Telephone Interview Tips Limit any background noise as much as possible. College dormitories are not known for their peace and quiet but be sure to turn off any television or music you may have playing in your room and close the door so that hallway noise doesn’t seep in. If you have a roommate, be sure that they know you are on an important phone … Continue reading

Upcoming Walt Disney World Hiring Events

Have you always dreamed of working at Walt Disney World in Florida? Are you spending your hard earned money to buy Disney Day Passes instead of saving for your kids’ college fund? Thinking about retiring in Florida and finding a job that will make your children and grandchildren come to you every year? Well, this may just be your lucky day! Walt Disney World has regular hiring events (job fairs) all over Florida (and even on college campuses but we’ll talk about those in another blog). Following is a list of upcoming Walt Disney World Job Fairs in Florida where … Continue reading

The Benefits of Working for “The Mouse”

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working at Walt Disney World in Florida. In fact, I’d have to say it was one of the very best jobs I’d ever had. Disney employees are never referred to as employees. Everyone who receives a paycheck from the Disney Company is a Cast Member. Whether you are working behind the scenes or in front of crowds of Disney enthusiasts, you are a cast member. Every person who works for the mouse is there to make your Disney experience the best it can possibly be and chances are, you will only see about 10% of … Continue reading

Are You Ready for the Walt Disney World Moms Panel?

If you think you know all there is to know about Walt Disney World, the mouse wants YOU! Walt Disney World is looking for 10-12 moms to be a part of an online forum they plan to launch in January 2008. Those selected will be expected to share their Walt Disney World vacation experiences and their expertise as advisors to those who are new to the Walt Disney World experience and planning their own family vacations to the magical destination. If you think you have what it takes to be an advisor to those embarking on the Disney experience, you … Continue reading